The Bitter End | A WW2 Short Film

After Complete destruction on the Eastern Front. German engineers are tasked with planting explosives as they retreat through Byelorussia, taking heavy losses the war seems not as what it was two years prior for the Germans.

NON Political!

Thanks for watching everyone more content to come happy holidays and talk soon!

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P.S sorry for the bad German we aren’t fluent in it lol


  1. ……………. I guess I'm spoiled by a lifetime of watching professionally-directed movies, the famous & finest films ever made. Made by auteurs & those who are practically equal to auteurs, and then just director-actor collaborations who were just slicker than anything. oh well whatcha gonna do.

  2. Very poor. Very amateur direction. Extremely feeble & unrealistic/ amateurish struggle depiction at the end. Almost non-existent, unimaginative script. No action /enemy conflict portrayed convincingly. No convincing portrayal of any enemy actually present! sorry it's a boo.

  3. The Germans treated the Russians horribly, so I can understand the Russians taking no prisoners.

  4. Снимите следующую серию как несчастные немцы травили людей в газовых камерах и заживо сжигали в крематориях

  5. They definitely could have used a MG-42!

  6. They must have just gotten new equipment, all too clean

  7. They couldn't find any actual Germans to play these guys??

  8. Using an uncharged hand grenade as a landmine…??

  9. There seems to be a nonstandard equipment and boots, the actors do not know how to hold the rifle when crawling..

  10. That was excellent. You really showed the Horrors of war.

  11. Very interesting video like it very much

  12. Die deutschen Soldaten sind realistisch Ausgestattet.
    Gefällt mir !!!

  13. Do the dummies that made this dopey flick realize that the first thing to to with a prisoner is TIE HIS HANDS BEHIND HIS BACK???!!!

  14. Don’t make me laugh!….burying stick grenades!……how’s that laying mines!!?

  15. Might be more realistic if they weren’t in shiny clean laundered uniforms……….!??

  16. Wer spricht da ? Der Weihnachtsmann?

  17. Russians didn’t like German prisoners because what the Germans did to the Russians

  18. Post scriptum sounds 😂😂

  19. What's that weird lingo we hear ? Nepali ? Tagalog ?

  20. Sorry the Germans were the agressors so I take the side of the Allies perspective.

  21. Poor Germany forced into a war by the bankers who propped up Churchill and FDR. 2 bought and paid for stooges. Of course we are told a different story but it is one that is not logical. I once believed it yes I was once a fool like you.

  22. This is incredibly well done video. I did reenacting in the US as a Russian soldier. The German units we went against were well turned out. They looked great. Lots of fun.

  23. Pls. More ww2 movies can you provide us

  24. Je trouve ke pour faire vraix , il faut que chaque armée parle sa langue d' ya des sous-titres pour ça . merci a tous.. idir

  25. At 11:27, I thought don't shoot! Stab him!

  26. Pues a mi no me parecen ingenieros alemanes de la whermacht. Donde está su equipo de ingenieros? Andar buscando minas con la bayoneta? Y sus detectores de minas como ingenieros que son?

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