Upcoming Movies That Can Be Found In This Video:
0:05 – THE TOMORROW WAR (2021) Chris Pratt, Final Trailer
2:33 – GREAT WHITE (2021) Trailer 2, Shark Thriller
4:13 – THE EXCHANGE (2021) Teen Comedy
6:23 – SEE 2 (2021) Jason Momoa, Dave Bautista
8:14 – HERE AFTER (2021) Christina Ricca
10:18 – BLACK WIDOW (2021) Let’s Go Trailer
11:02 – WEREWOLVES WITHIN (2021) Trailer 3
12:50 – DR DEATH (2021) Joshua Jackson, Trailer 2
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  1. ArtWork By: "The Electric State", Simon Stålenhag

    Can Be Found Here:

  2. That guy experienced dinosaurs and now wars.

  3. Came for the thumbnail, got proof that Donald Trump won the election.

  4. Wow! Santa got RIPPED!!!

  5. I love Chris Pratt but that movie looks like shit… all these movies look like shit

  6. At the thumbnail its like the new aot movie

  7. I really liked the "Tomorrow War".

  8. There are no more good movies coming out. All they do anymore is remake old movies that’s all they’ve done getting quite boring keep this up you will go down

  9. They are all shitty movies.

  10. The thumb nail is from the episode from love death and robots.

  11. The Tomorrow War seems like such a stupid concept – if you could go back in time why not spend that 30 years preparing for the war to come?

  12. More fake alien invasion propaganda

    … and so should EVERYONE!

  14. 0:01 I don’t see the actor in this scene, only Serena Joy.

  15. The Thumbnail is from a series called
    Love, Death + Robots. Every episode is like a animated mini movie in top quality.
    Should be available on Netflix.
    Thank me later;)!

  16. What name of movie with giantess

  17. I am sick of movies villianising sharks, after seeing that trailer, thanks and goodbye….

  18. I'm glad I gave up 6 minutes in and looked at the comments. Everyone's saying the thumbnail was misleading. F*ck this channel.

  19. That girl that said not judging just watching is the werewolf

  20. I thgout there was gonna be venom 2 LET THERE BE CARNAGE trailer but guess I was wrong

  21. Glad i read the comments during the ad. Saved myself 14 minutes

  22. Me waiting to see what the thumbnail showed.

  23. Ah yes the tomorrow war my new favorite movie as of right now

  24. what comes out of hollywood these days you couldn't pay me to go see ! all garbage !!!!!

  25. Every movie film that has Chris Pratt, Kevin Hart, John Kransinki, Steve Carell, is the best.

  26. I clicked on the video to see the movie that was on the video but it wasn't there that giant monster with the telephone poles looks scary would totally watch a movie of it

  27. Wow. Nothing but black people.

  28. Calling it, the army lady is his daughter

  29. How come all these modern aliens are claw ridden slobbering people munchers ?
    Not really the suspected advanced species who can traverse the galaxies in their fantastic ships are they !

  30. For everyone who wants to know the name of the THUMBNAIL: The electric state by Simon Stalenhag (THIS IS NOT A MOVIE)

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