THE BEST UPCOMING MOVIES 2021 (New Trailers) #1

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Included in this compilation are:
00:00 New Movie Trailers 2021
00:03 Willy’s Wonderland
01:47 Coming 2 America
03:28 The Little Things
05:47 Flora and Ulysses
07:31 Bliss
09:55 Earwig and the Witch
11:43 Cosmoball
13:35 Judas and the Black Messiah
15:59 Music
17:47 The World To Come
20:17 Breaking News in Yuba County
22:35 Sky Sharks
23:33 Locked Down
26:04 One Night in Miami
28:12 AK 47: Kalashnikov

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  1. Didn't know Sharknado had a new movie coming

  2. The far pressure consquentially tickle because stinger coincidentally bless above a uppity sweater. light, ordinary steven

  3. "Sky-Sharks" will be the best film of the century

  4. After watching a couple of these BEST upcoming ***** movies 2021 videos, I've come to the conclusion that BEST apparently means something different where ever the makers of this channel live

  5. what's the movie at the thumbnail

  6. OMG I amsa urinatin in peejamas

  7. The Little Things – Denzel did it. LOL

  8. The film 🎥 one night in Miami was amazing

  9. Nicholas Cage omg I died in the first trailer.FNAF is f***ed bro

  10. Друзья американцы, в какой глубокой заднице вы находитесь. Интересно, вы сами понимаете это или нет. Вам промывают мозги хуже чем при гитлере или сталине. А вы жрете все, что подают с экранов.

  11. The first movie will trigger my animatronic phobia like crazy

  12. I don't want anyone to use my entertainment or ever

  13. All of these movies coming out this year…..more proof of the SCANDEMIC.
    How many asses have you got? 😆

  14. ©️©️©️©️©️©️©️©️©️©️©️©️©️®️©️🕎🕎

  15. Is no one gonna mention sky sharks? Or are we all gonna pretend they didn’t actually slip that in there? Am I being punk’d?

  16. if this is the best movies coming in 2021, i ghave a TV for sale…..all garbage!

  17. Ak 47 Kalashnikov's lip syncing is almost as bad as the horrendous remake of Pinocchio. I ain't watching that

  18. Barack Obama should have played Malcolm X. That would be…..

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