The Best Sci-Fi Movies Of 2020

The 2010s was a great decade for the sci-fi genre. Acclaimed directors like Christopher Nolan and Denis Villeneuve entertained and expanded moviegoers’ imaginations with movies like Interstellar, Inception, Arrival, and Blade Runner 2049.

The decade of the ’20s is gearing up to be great as well, as Christopher Nolan’s Tenet is a must-watch for every sci-fi fan, and Bill & Ted fans will finally get the trilogy they always wanted with the release of Bill & Ted Face the Music.

In addition, Save Yourselves! is consistently funny from start to finish and proves you don’t need a big budget to make a sci-fi flick. Here are the rest of the best sci-fi movies of 2020.

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Possessor | 0:00
Tenet | 1:10
Sputnik | 2:07
Save Yourselves! | 3:07
Bill & Ted Face the Music | 4:23
Archive | 5:27
Love and Monsters | 6:17
Spontaneous | 7:14
Synchronic | 8:09

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  1. What do you think was the best sci-fi movie of 2020?

  2. Possesror was awesome and very original , Spontaneous was dogshit

  3. So pleased you included "Her" & then som3 to view as hadn't as of yet. Thanks bunches!

  4. I really enjoyed Sputnik.

  5. you are spoiling ! too much info about movies…..

  6. all look boring to me 🙁

  7. Save youselves was terrible. Couldn't wait for it to end

  8. The new bill and Ted was trash

  9. Tenet sucks bad! Messiest country of all time!

  10. Tenet was such a boring piece of crap. Almost as yawn inducing as Save Yourselves!!! The higher the fake critics scores on Rotten Tomato, the worse you can be guaranteed it will be.

  11. Isn't "Tenet" supposed to be horrible?

  12. Anyone else wonder how many people’s deaths the theatrical showing (so basically the Hollywood egos’ of some safe and comfy bigwigs) of Tenant is responsible for?

    I know I won’t soon forget.

  13. bill n ted and maybe archive only good ones i see, y not showing ans asian movies, the wandering earth…

  14. Background music link please

  15. You give away, way too much of the movie

  16. I loved Brave New World. Too bad it was canceled

  17. Just now realized where Rick and morty got “cronenburg” from

  18. A great time to be a sci fy fan? No, it's not! Nothing good was made in the last years, there's nothing to watch :((

  19. Millennial morals? That’s an oxymoron.

  20. Actually, there couldn't be a worse time to be a sci-fi fan.

  21. any sci fi movies here? like… you know sci fi. not this crap here…

  22. In reality 2020 is pretty bad year for sci fi, the truth is that sci fi of the past 5 years are mediocre, too politically correct and politically oriented!

  23. I am waiting for Tenet 2
    I hope they will make part 2 of Tenet

  24. "I am very liberal" lmao pass.

  25. The Sputnik creature is a symbiont, not a parasite. It sustains the russian cosmonaut.

  26. The best Sci Fi movies of 2020… Possessor? Tenant? Sputnik? Save Yourselves? Bill N Ted's Face the music? Archive? Love and Monsters? Spontaneous? Synchronic?

  27. All these movies are garbage

  28. I think tenet was a really good film. If there wasn't a pandemics it would've done even better

  29. archive ending is a mind blower, highly recommend.

  30. Save Yourselves: Tribble's Revenge
    — Bigger, Bolder, Fluffier Foes
    — — Payback is a Bitch — —

  31. How could yall leave out Project Power?!

  32. To those people who are hating on TENET, idk you'll are hating it but tbh TENET is great. And mark my words, TENET will be praised more in the coming years.
    And why is no one taking about The Vast of Night, that movie is very overlooked.

  33. Movies that nail the mix of comedy and drama (with a bit of horror tossed in) are rare, but Spontaneous was great. Looper has a really bad habit of introducing me to great movies I’ve never heard. Unfortunately my To Watch list is getting way too long 😪

  34. Are you kidding about "Tenet"? It was savaged by critics because it is an utter mess. It bombed for a reason.

  35. Sputnik I want to watch so bad but its in russian. I need an english dub

  36. Incredible list, thank you for that

  37. Thank You for the list. Apart from “Archive”, will check out the others here.

  38. this is the best narrator

  39. Tenet was kind of bad. One of Nolans weaker movies. It was trying so hard to be complicated and the backwards scenes just looked stupid.

  40. Is this what sci-fi has ended up as? 🙁

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