The Best NEW Science-Fiction Movies (Trailers)

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Included in this compilation are:
00:00 The Best NEW Science-Fiction Movies
00:03 Archive
01:55 Dune
04:53 Chaos Walking
07:09 Tenet
09:53 Vivarium
11:21 Godzilla vs Kong
13:38 2067
15:26 Bloodshot
17.47 Cosmoball
19:39 Attraction 2: Invasion
21:14 Ghostbusters 3: Afterlife
23:35 Old
24:04 Cosmic Sin
26:16 Tides
28:19 Coma
30:28 Morbius
33:02 Bill & Ted Face The Music
35:14 Black Widow,
37:31 Monsters of Man
39:35 Greenland,
41:03 Palm Springs
43:38 Antebellum
45:33 Color Out Of Space
47:42 Sputnik
49:39 Ascendant
51:24 Underwater
53:38 Monster Hunter
55:47 The Spacewalker
57:05 Songbird
59:46 X-Men: The New Mutants
62:00 Wonder Woman 1984
64:17 Max Cloud
66:17 Sky Sharks

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  1. sooooo vivarium is a documentary about covid social distancing in the suburbs, right?

  2. Tenet was absolute hot garbage.

  3. Katy Perry should get props for this with the 365 mv✌✌✌ ( 1st trailer)

  4. What is the thumbnail from? Anyone Know?

  5. Why is 2020 Tenet in a 2021 list?

  6. Of all these movies Tenet and Spacewalker are movies. The rest is unbearable bullshit.

  7. I thought Tenet was already out

  8. ahahahahahaha one movie wanted to make it look like roting tomato is important xD where most if not all of its views are complete nonsense. They rate nonsense movies with femi…., lgb…, blm, and so on as good movies were most of them are such big garbage.

  9. i cant wait for DUNE!!!!!!! read the whole book, now I cant wait to see it on the big screen

  10. Coma: A movie with the same name as a dozen other movies.

  11. Van a darle la vuelita a todo, vivirá el que haya podido desde las vacunas nadie más.

  12. That was death? I thought it was Voldemort…

  13. TY ! very nice list.amazing movies. exept…
    VIVARIUM! it should have been a short film like 10 minutes tops…i've seen 10 minutes short film more interesting and more meaningfull than VIVARIUM! I STRONGLY RECOMAND TO AVOID THAT MOVIE…I REALLY CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHO PAYED FOR THAT…

  14. Watching advertisements in order to watch advertisements. It's just too wrong. I'm saying no.

  15. Don't waste your time on Bill & Ted, cause it's just a waste of time.

  16. Nothing there worth paying for IMO

  17. every time they make a movie look amazing and action packed then they say something stupid and f… it all up
    I blame marvel for that bs it totally breaks the feeling and just makes me want to skip scene after scene

  18. Palm Springs = Groundhog Day 2. It won't be the same without Bill Murray. But it definitely does answer some theories surrounding the original movie. Like whether or not the edge of town was the trigger for the loop (it wasn't) or it was falling asleep (it was).

  19. Aren't trailers adverts? So why are there adverts interrupting the adverts?
    Here's a thought KinoCheck, don't monetise your site via ads, but charge the distributors.

    I shan't be signing up or watching your channel again.

  20. Yo guys can you fix on comment the time?

  21. How is The Space walker a sci-fi movie??

  22. I honestly cannot tell if Cosmoball is meant to be a comedy or taken seriously.

  23. What happened to SciFi? These are all chick flicks, they will all fail.

  24. When this is the best, i don't wanna know what's the worst

  25. Cosmic Sin deserves worst movie on this list

  26. Spacewalker is from 2017

  27. uhhhh…talk about utterly uninteresting movies.

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