The Best FANTASY Movies 2020 & 2021 (Trailers)

Top Fantasy Movies 2020 & 2021

Movies featured in this compilation are Free Guy, Come Away, Mortal, Coma, Valhalla, A Rough Draft, Pinocchio, Wendy, Iron Mask, Mulan, The Secret Garden, Artemis Fowl

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  1. 8:13 he looks like rob jobs from if apple was honest commercials..

  2. I prefer the original Secret Garden. I can tell based off the trailer that’s not gonna be good.

  3. So the best is just remakes and retellings of classic stories? Doesn't anyone in the film industry have any new or original ideas?

  4. where i can find Pinocchio (just title he forgot to include the video wtf) movie?

  5. Ruined the legacy of PeterPan and Alicein Wonderland in one movie. Typical modern hollywood


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  7. Notice that blacks n gays are being pushed onto us.

  8. So many duds I don't even remember coming out

  9. omg plis english moviesssss

  10. I'm just happy we got a black peter pan

  11. a Black Alice?!? Why?!? Wtf is next, a white Malcolm X?!? How about a white lesbian Muhammad Ali?!? Will that get made?!? This woke crap is getting insane. It's embarrassing!! It's like they think black people has never achieved anything, so they have to give them white things. Get a F-ing life, and stop being so insultingly racists!!!

  12. The problem of modern Fantasy: To much CG, while the worldbuilding is often poorly made. That concludes in a movie without a soul….my once beloved genre is now nothing more than a cash grab……like anything else….. 🙁

  13. Sick lista .. well done bro

  14. they brought black people into Alice in WOnderland to get an appealing Black audience .. not bad

  15. name of the movie from the clickbait? :)) I think it's Coma but I'm not sure

  16. Jackie Chan is like 100 but he still got it

  17. Lol thank you for this, I needed it😭

  18. Peter Pan will be never black. 💪🏻

  19. 15:09 I’m lucky because I have plans for today, for tomorrow, for the week, and for my whole life—to make you happy.

  20. Secret Garden is a magical story. Hope movie is good as well.

  21. Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland?

  22. What the hell have they done with Artemis.

  23. A black Captain Hook Alice in the wonderland????

  24. Damn, these stupid netfilx ads ruined it for me.

  25. The secret garden doesn't look as good as the Agnieszka Holland's version from 1993.

  26. 1. Blackwashing Peter Pan? F off. Moronic.
    2. Free Guy was pretty good. RR is always playing himself. 😆
    3. Coma (Koma) looks BA.
    4. Valhalla – YES.
    5. A Rough Draft – Interesting.
    6. Wendy – Another Peter Pan? How "original".
    About half look good. The rest…..not so much.

  27. I loved the Mr Bean trailer
    Best one out of all of these

  28. Daywatch, nightwatch, coma, rough draft.

  29. Very few original ideas these days. Good thing I love lots of cgi.

  30. Huh. Only 1 single movie caught my attention. Why do they look so weak? Tsk, disappointing.

  31. What is the title of the first movie?

  32. they are in contact with extra terrestrial beings why?

  33. Half of these are not even fantasy movies…

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