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Tethered – When Peter is sentenced to house arrest, he soon realizes that jail isn’t the worst thing that could have happened.
2016. Stars: Nathan Bonk, Alexandra Pica, Brian Ballance
**Under license from Glass House Distribution. All rights reserved**

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  1. Do the makers of this film (so-called) think that if they include a few degenerate motifs, such as homosexuality, psychopathic scenes, etc., it will become art? I am out of here.

  2. I enjoyed this. Nathan Bonk is so hot.

  3. It's a great story
    but the timing and
    acting is the worse

  4. I like Movie Central very good downloading clear and loud.its all nice movies👌👌👌💋♥️

  5. I liked this movie. My heart was beating like crazy when I thought he was going to torture Peter. 👍👌👏.

  6. GREAT 👌 MOVIE 🎥🍿♥️♥️♥️ THANK YOU

  7. Brilliant MOVIE CENTRAL !!!! LOVED !!! ❤❤❤

  8. One giant pile of Twisted garbage


  10. Well done! I really enjoyed watching this movie, made me smile a lot of times.

  11. Thank You for the upload. I enjoyed the movie.

  12. 15:12 & ff Bill Shakespeare (pseud.) said that, if there are three, to add a fourth.

  13. 3:32 Chick not right for driver job.

  14. 0:48 She doesn't know how he makes a sound like a brass section: "Ta da". That is very easily learnt.

  15. Long story, a simple scene takes ages and it's very tiring

  16. Well done for making it when you were 18 you will go on to do great things👌🏽❤️

  17. The actor's need acting classes

  18. The title describes the movie in full!!!

  19. Good substitute-for-a-sleeping-tablet movie. No other use.

  20. hi i made this movie when i was 18 thanks for watching❤️

  21. This movie makes no sense. The plot is twisted to the point where simply doesn't work.

  22. Agree with SonokMaki, but it's also a genre that appeals to so many young people today, which I hope, in the future, we look back and are glad we worked through our addiction to the darker side of human nature, which certainly exists, but being obsessed with making and glorifying such trash, along with drug addiction, violence, betrayal, etc. in films just cheap at this point, or cheaply portrayed for the charge of it only. At least in the Bible, Shakespeare, great literature, and films, there are things that can be gleaned of great value. I just don't see it in films like this. Cheap thrills.

  23. Spoiler: The butler did it.

  24. Be nice everyone, this is a sweet natured movie even though it's not perfect its heart is in the right place

  25. Rich killed a lot of people and all he got is house arrest too? Not fair

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