Tankers – Full WWII Movie

Inspired by real events, Tankers tells the story of one KV-1 tank crew’s heroic WWII victory. Having a losing fight, the crew of Semyon Konovalov destroyed 16 enemy tanks, 2 armored vehicles and 8 vehicles with enemy personnel near Nizhnemityakin farm in Tarasovskoye district of Rostov region. This is the story of not the poster heroes, but broken, cheerful, and very diverse guys who just wanted to live. At the decisive moment they managed to do the only right thing and performed the deed worthy of the legend.

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  1. Ten minutes in, we have a very bad commander with two dead tank crews because he wanted to be a smartass. But as they say, it is best to die with company, and mother Russia has sons enough. What a loser that guy is.

    This movie is wierd, gotta be slavik to understand it I think.

  2. BRUH a commie doin the sign of the cross🤔

  3. Tank gets destroyed by the enemy so they want to court martial him. typical mindless Soviet doctrine.

  4. Am I the only one that thinks this is a Russian knock-off of fury?

  5. Зачем хуевые фильмы снимать?

  6. Дерьмо кустарное, а не кино )))

  7. чем дольше от войны тем больней фантазия у киношников. не удивлюсь если через 10 лет снимут фильму как сержант Правдорубов слал емэйлы Сталину что нужно что-то делать с НКВД- они слишком мягкие и постоянны хнычут о каких-то судах и присяжных. Т-34 в тех фильмах будет на нитре, а рядовой состав получал приказы на свои смартфоны

  8. สนุกมากคับ

  9. Disliking it cuz of obvious reasons

  10. Next generation someone would be making a great movie like this one but with brave Ukrainian repelling Russian attacks instead.

  11. War Thunder russian bias is strong

  12. When Fury is a russian movie

  13. T34 is the size of a NYC apartment!

  14. Фантастика какая-то,коли так воевали бы то немец недошолбы до Волги 🤔

  15. Гектор будет бежать

    3 Honda Civic с ложковыми двигателями.

    И вдобавок ко всему,

    он только что зашел к Гарри,

    и он заказал 3 турбины T66 с NOS.

    И выхлопная система Motec

  16. if its 1942 how is a t-34 85 there

  17. What a load of crap. With the small cannon you didn't crack a tiger head-on, and with the first shot at that. Make decent war movies🤣

  18. Russian propogandic fairy tale

  19. was ein dummer russen film

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