Talk Talk – It’s My Life ( Official Video)

Official Video for It’s My Life by Talk Talk.

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Funny how I find myself in love with you
If I could buy my reasoning I’d pay to lose
One half won’t do

I’ve asked myself, how much do you
Commit yourself
It’s my life, don’t you forget
It’s my life, it never ends (It never ends)

Funny how I blind myself, I never knew
If I was sometimes played upon, afraid to lose

I’d tell myself, what good you do
Convince myself
It’s my life, don’t you forget
It’s my life, it never ends (It never ends)

I’ve asked myself, how much do you
Commit yourself?
It’s my life, don’t you forget
Caught in the crowd, it never ends
It’s my life, don’t you forget
Caught in the crowd, it never ends
It’s my life, don’t you forget
Caught in the crowd, it never ends

#TalkTalk #ItsMyLife


  1. Who listen this in 2099? I come from future.

  2. The tragedy of growing up in the 80’s is you didn’t realize at the time how awesome it was, and when you finally do it’s already over.

  3. One of many underrated class acts, from the 1980s

  4. Piękna piosenka. Greetings from Szczecin/Słubice🇵🇱

  5. I know one thing, I'm going to the zoo as soon as they re-open!

  6. God bless you Mark Hollis. +

  7. I love how this video shows all the different ways it could be "my life." So much more here than people we should be caring for

  8. How good was music then compared to now and how bad was videography compared to now 😊

  9. Essa marcou muito na minha vida 1984. 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👍🏿👍🏿💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😙😙😙👊🏻

  10. 80's and 90's so many songs we can choose but today's music I can't even stand to listen.

  11. "To me the ultimate ambition is to make music that doesn't have a use by date, that goes beyond your own time." – Mark Hollis

  12. If you have seen this live on MTV, you're blessed ~

  13. No Doubt did a decent cover of this..

  14. Its now 2022 we are all legends, we survived covid 19, FFFFKKK YEEEAAHHH 👍👍👍👍

  15. Sounds really like a Mylene Farmer song..

  16. Adored Hymn!!❤️❤️❤️

  17. Xum xim xum, xum xim xum, xim xum xi, xum

  18. why MTV will always have my heart!

  19. Its our life, dont we forget never forget, it never ends

  20. Música linda gosto demais ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. No gimmicks no women just pure talent

  22. I sure am .. 71 yes old. Music was music once lol

  23. Mark Hollis has the kyootest face of all time! How i wish i could spend a day with him, strolling through that zoo or some gorgeous English land scape….

  24. Is everybody in this video dead?

  25. en mi casamiento pongan esta canción una joya de música

  26. There is not much to say, this is a Wonderful song. Gwen's remake video of it was weird. But not watching her stupid video made a good song as well.

  27. La musica de los"80y90"no tiene"contra"es unica"señores"😎😉☠🕵️‍♂️🤳💪💪

  28. I love this song ❣️☮️ amazing

  29. A great song to hear in the years of:
    1984 ✅
    2021 ✅
    2022 ✅
    9995 ✅

  30. Classic ❤ ❤ ❤ better than Gwen Stephanie !!! She can sing this song bit I like the ORIGINAL. R.I P. BRO ❤ LOVE YOU CUTIE PIE ❤ 05/08/2021 ❤

  31. En las décadas pasadas muchos maestros de la musica se inspiraron ! crearon grandes temas agradables al centido auditivo.que tiempos quedan en el recuerdo.esos exitasos siempre se escucharán mientras existan personas que nos gusta la mejor musica.

  32. Congrats and it's my life xx😉😉😉

  33. Saints row 3 has the best graphics and greatest use of post process effects in all places such as the city and particle effects bloom vignette motion blur also looks perfectly well created

  34. How old was this 90's kid when he realized that the No Doubt version was actually a cover?
    0 Days
    The sheer bliss that is the YouTube rabbit hole!

  35. You can give all the artistic views , but to hell with that. Just remember how awesome it was.

  36. What a tune and bassline

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