Tales from the Crypt: “Yellow” (1991) [High Quality]

The Paths of Glory (1957) “homage” episode, featuring Kirk Douglas (who had one of the main roles in Paths of Glory) and his son Eric Douglas.

Directed by Robert Zemeckis
Kirk Douglas … General Kalthrob
Eric Douglas … Lt. Martin Kalthrob
Lance Henriksen … Sergeant Ripper
Dan Aykroyd … Captain Milligan


  1. Fun Fact: This wasn't originally a Tales from the Crypt episode but infact it's from a pilot from a spin off called Two Fisted Tales a action version of Tales but as we can see the pilot failed and it was tossed to The Tales from the Crypt crew and converted into an episode of the show

  2. This is the biggest bummer episode. Quite frankly, it's more than horror, it's psychological drama. It's really upsetting (but that's not a bad thing). The worst part is that knowing what I know about Eric Douglas when he was alive, I feel like this is weirdly autobiographical in terms of gaining approval and bearing family shame.

  3. Makes me wonder. The father mentioned they load 5 of the 6 as live rounds, so there's doubt on who fires the blank.

    That said, did the general load 6 live rounds? Can't count the holes when he's in the trench due to the darkness

  4. Remember watching this when I was a kid..really miss the times when life was simple

  5. My dad showed me this on TV one night when I was kid must have been a year or two after it first aired.. But thing is I never knew it was a part of tales from the crypt (until I rewatched the show years ago) I seem to remember he said it was a movie, my dad is not a horror fan but he does like war movies and kirk Douglas.. Does anyone know if this was aired separate from tales in Europe?.. I had a similar thing with the bau bridges mourge episode.. I was sure it was part of that Henry rollins anthology series but no.. It was tales from the crypt.. I can't ever recall tales being on TV in Norway but I can't be sure

  6. real and reel life father and son 🙌😍

  7. Anyone who answers a question with "sure" while smiling and looking down is not to be trusted.

    Dan Aykroyd was an excellent choice for Captain.

  8. Being the son and grandson of two of Hollywood's most iconic actors may have been too much pressure for Eric.

  9. He died of a drug overdose in real life and never made anything good only this episode! I'm guessing this episode is extremely accurate since that's his dad in real life!

  10. The story line for this episode was actually inspired by an episode of gunsmoke from the 60s. It was about a retired Army officer who's son was going to be hanged for murder, then he made his son believe the execution would be botched, because his son couldn't hold up to his responsibility, and was a coward to face the consequences

  11. Dan Aykroyd in a unfiorm: a w o o g a

  12. RIP Kirk saw you once in California many many years ago, you said you was there on business. You was a gent in taking time to talk to me and my family where others would just walk away, still have your autograph in my autograph book (blast from the past) sleep well kind Sir and thank you for all the great memories.

  13. One of Alan Silvestri's best dramatic electronic scores!

  14. man that general really wanted his son dead

  15. I thought Dan Aykroid was a good twist.

  16. “DAAAAMN “ god Daaamn”😂

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