Tales from the Crypt: “Yellow” (1991) [High Quality]

The Paths of Glory (1957) “homage” episode, featuring Kirk Douglas (who had one of the main roles in Paths of Glory) and his son Eric Douglas.

Directed by Robert Zemeckis
Kirk Douglas … General Kalthrob
Eric Douglas … Lt. Martin Kalthrob
Lance Henriksen … Sergeant Ripper
Dan Aykroyd … Captain Milligan


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  1. This had to be the most expensive TFTC episode.

  2. The son sounds like Michael Douglas lol

  3. Too Bad Micheal wasn't in this episode

  4. Lance is wearing a shotgun shell bandolier. Where's his shotgun? Burpgun. Locked and loaded but where's the burp?

  5. Kirk Douglas in Tales From the Crypt! Wow!
    "Yes! My son is not…YELLOW!"

  6. Happy Fourth of July ! !

  7. Happy Fourth of July, Everyone ! !

  8. I Love Tales From The Crypt ! !

  9. I Love Tales From The Crypt The Most, Everyone ! !

  10. The only time I ever saw this episode was when it originally aired back in the 90's. It was memorable enough so that I looked it up tonight to watch it. Never thought I'd find it on Youtube! Glad I did!

  11. Awesome! Rest in peace, Kirk and Eric – such cool actors, we miss you both.

  12. U Measure A Man By Their Courage The Size Of Their Heart Soul Matters Heart Size Matters "The Brave The Tough The Marines" Full Metal JaCKet USMC "Heart" Size Matters=BRAVE!

  13. This is one of my favorite episodes. It shows in graphic detail, the horrors of war. As a veteran I'm most impressed with little things like Captain Milligan and how he calls cadence. It's not, Attention," but, "tenhut." And the soldiers execute a perfect about face. There must have been a military advisor on set.

  14. Well there you have it, he finally got the recognition of a brave man after all, whether he liked it or not.

  15. This was a very emotional episode for so many reasons including the fact it has a real father and son. The question of morality is a tough debate in this instance, but I also cannot stand war, it is an overwhelmingly terrible situation to force people to choose their own death for the sake of others. At least now joining the military in the US is a choice instead of conscription as it used to be and still is in many other countries. My ex is in the Naval reserve and fortunately was rarely called to active duty but he and his military friends felt if they died in the line of duty it would be an honor, so they were not afraid to die. I find that to be so incredibly brave even though I hate war. How do you get around a bully that refuses any form of compromise? Anyway, very interesting form of "scary" story. Never saw Paths of Glory guess I'll have to especially since it was directed by Kubrick.

  16. This was the only TFTC episode that made me cry. 🙁

  17. Excellent episode, one of TOTC's best. I watched Paths of Glory before this…excellent movie, BTW, but this episode is one of THE very best, IMO, that television has ever done. Superb script. Well worth a watch.

  18. I heard "Yellow" was shot for another anthology series based on EC Comics…Two Fisted Tales or Shock Suspense Stories. But the series didn't get of the ground so they used it for Tales From the Crypt.

  19. Colonel Dax: The Dark Timeline

  20. The guy who plays the sargeant is the only guy who has been in two episodes of the crypt as far as I know… or was the other one 'tales from the dark side'? Lol

  21. I just posted my reaction to this episode over on my channel, check it out!

  22. I don't remember Americans doing trench warfare in the first world war, could not they just style out some blighty toff intonations ffs 🤷🏻‍♀️👩🏻‍⚖️🤷🏻‍♀️

  23. Unpopular opinion I'd like to believe there's a special place in h*** for parents like this. It's clear only had him because he wanted another him. He didn't care about his son living a good life at all. Or he wouldn't have insisted he join the army.

    Some people don't deserve to be parents. But you can't license them.

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