Movie 電影 | The Final Blade 最后的锦衣卫 | Kung Fu Action film 動作片 Full Movie HD

Synopsis: New Kung Fu Action Movie "The Final Blade 最後的錦衣衛 " is about a wonderful story. It has been one of the most-sought after artifacts for almost 400 years. But the mystical "glazed chicken cup" hasn't been seen for some time. That is, until ...

Movie Mermaid | She’s From Another Planet | Campus Love Story film, Full Movie HD

Synopsis: The Mermaid Movie "She's From Another Planet" is about a campus love story. Sunny is a naughty mermaid who comes to the earth from the ocean, but she lost an important magical scale. By coincidence, it was picked up by Wen Zhengxi, A ...

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