Syn – Synners

Syn – Synners

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  1. Mmm that's a weird lookin dog you got there mister

  2. Did anyone get BO II Vibes from the first drop?? I swear to god it sounds so similar lol. Great song

  3. Listening to This On a Rainy Day With Headphones 😎👊🏽

  4. 939 with hare be like

  5. the number of the dislikes is 666 ;-;

  6. The ideal value of dislikes that I see now 666 🙂

  7. Don’t put bad words in this one but I still like it thank you

  8. old school dub NEVER DIES!!!

  9. Congratulations, DubstepGutter! This video will be the last ever to reach 1 Million views!

    I come from the year 2025.

  10. the backround is cinda scary if you ask me🤣

  11. I listened to this song on 1.25 speed by accident… My best accident ever 🙂

  12. me hack to sirens and plays this song
    my neighbors: WATA F IS THIS

  13. Dayum I just realized how long my hair is 😏🤘

  14. I like it i will subscribe

  15. Imagine if this had a second drop

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