SUPERINTELLIGENCE Official Trailer (2020) Melissa McCarthy, James Corden Comedy Movie HD

SUPERINTELLIGENCE Official Trailer (2020) Melissa McCarthy, James Corden Comedy Movie HD
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  1. Does anyone know what song in the beginning is heard in the background ؟

  2. Wow I actually like Melissa McCarthy I think she's pretty adorable and sweet but pretty much if she's in a movie it's going to be stupid

  3. Looks absolutely terrible. Just a way to get used to being monitored

  4. I loved that muppet detective movie Melissa McCarthy starred in. Fairly good comedy….which is rare nowadays because Comedy movies/shows suck 9.9 times out of 10,

  5. I love Melissa. It's always fun to watch her films. I don't know why some people don't like her. Like, they say she plays the same character and uses the same humour. But in the same breath say how much they love Adam Sandler. (Zero hate for him. I love his films too)
    That being said. Where's my Melissa McCarthy and Adam Sandler movie?

  6. Pass, anything she or her husband have a hand in either, writing, directing or producing is mind numbingly bad.

  7. STOP giving this woman more movies…

  8. "SUPERINTELLIGENCE" and "Melissa McCarthy". Two things that do not go together. Crap acting and Melissa McCarthy, sure. No talent and Melissa McCarthy, 100%.

  9. How you know another movie will be bad, Melissa McCarthy…

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  11. James cordon was in this movie….
    Hmm, I can only guess what went wrong!!

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  13. Okay okay, did ANYBODY notice that beauty mode was like on 10

  14. Out of interest has any of James Corden's movies done any good?

  15. It may be a very unpopular opinion but I think that lately all of Melissa McCartney's comedy movies have started to look the same. Almost all of them have Melissa play a women who is very down in the start of the movie, a real failure in terms of society's standards but then she comes into some power and at the end shows how powerful and confident she is. And all of these movies have Bobby Cannavale in them. Spy, Tropic Thunder, now this…
    That being said I'm still gonna watch this movie

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  17. Hollywood needs to ditch these old Faces

  18. A superintellligence announcing to blow the planet in few days time.. sounds like this concept is taken from the anime Assasination classroom.. they just picked up koro sensei and made him into an AI with james cordon voice. Anybody elese feels like this? 😂😂😂 also when the bassline of under pressure started in the trailer it made me so happy.. love that song!

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  20. Super Intellegent is something Melissa McCarthy and James Corden are far from. niether are even remotely funny sadly

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  23. Her husband is always acting with her

  24. How did I get here from the SNL parody skits? lol, I clicked on it thinking it was a SNL parody. So close…

  25. damn, I love Melissa she is funny witty and intelligent, and I always look forward to her films, but not this one, I couldn't even watch the trailer. not with the voice of that unfunny witless dickhead corden. not a fucking hope of entertaining me now… let's hope she has a real talent supporting her on her next project.

  26. her last one was awful about her been a super hero

  27. Wow, the garage must be taken out, so well it's up to all of you. With Netflix and HBO saying fucjck off to Pedowood with the middle finger and Dave Chapelle. t

  28. WHERE is SPY II ???? I laughed Sooooo hard at Spy!! Absolutely her best movie yet!!

  29. music from 20 sec —> SOFI TUKKER – Best Friend feat. NERVO, The Knocks & Alisa Ueno (Official Video) [Ultra Music]

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  31. i just realized in every movie she has to fall

  32. SHIT !! Is their ANY movie that Mellissa is in where she doesn't play a clutz or the "funny fat girl" ??????

  33. This was a reqally expensive Tesla commercial

  34. who the hell wants to pay money to hear James Corden for 90 minutes?

    oh, HBO. guess they thought of that.

  35. start you free trial on hbo max ..yeah good joke maybe if its available in other continents and not only usa

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