Storming Area 51 | The Truth Exposed!! | Full Alien UFO Documentary

Storming Area 51 – Area 51 is a heavily guarded military base in the Nevada desert reported to house live Alien beings and UFOs that are being reverse engineered. Explore why millions are curious about what is really happening at the facility and why.
2019. J Michael Long
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  1. Hey prick…BOB LAZAR didn't say that is where they came from…that was on the briefing page of what he was reading…sad part is when it comes to Lazar it's allegedly, but EGYPTIAN…it's DEFINITELY ALIENS 馃懡


  2. It does make a person wonder if they would kill you for something we supposedly own, what are our employees hiding from us? It only proves the elite owns us and will kill you.

  3. Okay…first off so far everything Bob Lazar said about these crafts and element 115 all came true 30 years later and the fuckin guy can describe that place in detail details that NO ONE unless they were there could…so what's up with this "claims" malarkey…in fact I will believe Lazar over Stanton Friedman any day of the week and 10 times on Sunday

  4. There are no Aliens thier 馃懡馃浉馃浉 however,, looking after the country 馃憤馃挴鈽猴笍. They're doing a great job

  5. Thank you for this in information good education is nice to know these things now I know I'm not crazy the government's always been against us they always say there for us but they're really just after themselves they like to keep us in the dark I understand the reason may be but I want the people in panic I need to know more thank you for the story well put very good education story thank you for this information makes me feel better knowing that we're not alone is too big of a planet that is my able to live on Earth and hear the government to set up in space really Earth belongs to them they were probably here first and man can't stand that with that being said it's good at education it's the truth thank you

  6. And if 200,000 people were to enact such a plan, and there was live rounds used on such a gathering, there would be such an outcry from pretty much everywhere on the planet, the country would completely buckle under the amount of international pressure it would receive, so DO NOT do this.

  7. We think there's a connection between the storm Area 51 incident and the culling of the human race, this storming scared the crap out of the Area 51 people and they vowed the humans were never ever going to be in the position to do that again and that's why heaps of people are going to be wiped out.
    They would rather Wipe Out 80% of human beings instead of allowing the humans to play with their toys, they don't want to share that's why they're gonna kill you.


  9. Phil Schneider talked about element 140 in 1995.

  10. Stop saying conspiracy theorist…
    It's called having a curious thirst for knowledge.

  11. Is this the marketing video for Rachael Nevada?

  12. Thank you to management of area 51. Please stop frighten of our children -off not be able to enter Area 51.. what a conspiracy film.

  13. if there's nothing there, WHY restrict area 51…

  14. omg,why the fuck is anyone even interested in this? You guys didn't storm area 51 u ass clowns, u stood outside and did fuck all and had little to zero impact wether negitive are positive so what is the over all point to this? Did u discover anything? Did u come back with any top secret information of any sort?No? Then take this video down and just go back to your rat hole, this is pointless and sad….you couldn't storm area 51 if u had an army and yet random citizens standing around want to act like they made some difference when in reality they did nothing. I mean c'mon!!! Storming Area 51? U bunch of thumb suckers did less then fuck all.

  15. ok, the A.I voiceovers are getting scarier lol… they even thought of breath & saliva…crazy

  16. Just experimental aircraft being tested at area51 dulce base is the real area 51 and another 1 in colorado close to norad

  17. Pssssst鈥.I鈥檓 an alien鈥.馃懡

  18. This is wild! I think that some of the script for the Stargate series could have been ripped right from the Area 51 mythology.

  19. Although presumably apprehension is an option for security force personnel it's just as presumable that deadly force is authorized in order to 'neutralize a perceived threat'. Deadly force may be authorized to 'protect' government property.

  20. Area 51 is more of a Decoy now.

  21. They have a room full of pornography of all kinds, pick your poison, the forbidden tree.

  22. China knows more about Area 51 than the American people.

  23. This has been gone over a million times! Can't you give us something new that we don't already know? EVERYBODY know what has gone on here that's older than 10. Show us craft landing there, People getting shot at…something new.

  24. Our probes are bigger than your probes

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