Storming Area 51 | Full Alien UFO Documentary

**This film is under license from Vision Films Inc. All rights reserved**

Storming Area 51 – Area 51 is a heavily guarded military base in the Nevada desert reported to house live Alien beings and UFOs that are being reverse engineered. Explore why millions are curious about what is really happening at the facility and why.

J Michael Long

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  1. Yeah fucking bored after 10 mins

  2. I was enjoying this doc untill you got into storming…what a crock of shit!

  3. 4:20… Dude, stop moving, we can see where the mask ends. πŸ˜‚

  4. The CIA needs to declassify what is going on there. We are ready for the truth!

  5. I thought those are Terminators.

  6. Protect there assets? We the people pay for all this shit! Let's see them aliens!

  7. This guy is a master bulshit artist he has got science for time travel what a bullshit artist go away you bum

  8. Dude needs to learn how to pronounce Cheshire. Try to do it like Chess as in the game and then sheer chess sheer. American people any place in the uk with shire in the name is not pronounced shire it’s pronounced sheer Cheshire and Leicestershire and Oxfordshire. The end is pronounced sheer not shire

  9. And another item is .
    When people started to say that they would run like " Naruto " gave me the idea that some of them were out of touch with reality or at least really stupid .

    You can not outrun a bullet .
    The US Military is trained to hit a moving target .

    On the other hand , it was time to clean the shallow end of the Gene Pool .

  10. Burning Man is 500 miles North of Aβ€”51 and has NOTHING to do with Aβ€”51 , there's nothing there at all .
    There's no buildings it's a Dry alkali lake bed of an ancient inland ocean .
    The alkali is so bad at attacking people's bare feet that they have to use Vinegar to stop the deterioration of their skin .

  11. Just nip over the fence at Number 50.

  12. More bullshit from a dusty set of retired aircraft hangers.

  13. The government is a lying to the people have been for years I know I was part of the military for 22 years I have seen stuff I can't talk about

  14. So if the event expected so many attendees and barely any showed up what is this trying to tell us?

  15. I have a captured "tic-tac" in my backyard…

  16. So it's patrolled by sexy, running girls ?

  17. if they have nothing to hide then why are they so guarded the other military bases arent guarded like that!! you did the same thing with A.A.T.I.P. that you did with H.A.A.R.P. You Changed The Names Thats Why They Still Receive Funding And Are Still Used!!; SO GIVE IT A REST,people know about the Deep Underground Military Bases !!

  18. Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Tucker Carlson: Aliens πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½

  19. Too much yakking about Burning Man, and other unrelated topics, but overall I enjoyed it.

  20. one alien in my pant he have one eye if anyone want to meet him come here

  21. Love the saying ' we will run, that way we can out run the bullets' πŸ’©πŸ‘»

  22. Governments tell us what they want us to believe, whether true or false.

  23. Seem Like I watch Movie right now. So cool and thanks for sharing.

  24. All fiction πŸ€·πŸΏβ€β™‚οΈπŸ‘€

  25. This Ufo is a World War II German technique. The extraterrestrial is a winged ant. The extraterrestrial Highway is a rippling sea.

  26. BS..
    Being born in 70, I distinctly recall Area 51 being bandied about with Aliens years to over a decade, & likely several, before Lazar mentioned it.

  27. face book is run by CIA/ DARPA

  28. sorry to burst your bubble traveling at the speed of light the nearest planet that might be inhabital would take a lifetime to reach thats if how do you think an aliean being is going to reach us like this planet is the latest vacation point in the cosmos i dont care if they really can bend space and time to go long distance in a short time how many times can space be warped so that the same being is going to come out the other side or how old is this being going to be how many generatiopns of a spieces is going to be needed to such a distance @#$#$ impossible we are so lucky to have such a perfect home were bored with so i fantasys blind uss to the truth [its impossible ] .id tell you more but it would scare you real bad


  30. People are Lemmings. Stupid.

  31. I'm not in the USA. Question, do all US army bases have the same sign up on the perimeters? Do they shoot you if you walk on to any other base?
    My bad, that was 2 questions πŸ˜‰

  32. It’s about time America and all other countries come clean. This bs saying they don’t tell us to stop panic? More like they know if people knew the truth all there lies would be exposed. All the religious bs would be out the window.
    I don’t think they have the right to tell people only what they want to tell us.
    They are suppressing humanity from any real movement forward. Too many rich people stand to lose to much built on lies.

  33. If the purpose of this doc is to convince people the whole alien thing/area 51, is nothing more than a conspiracy theory. Sorry, the story convinces me there is more truth in the "conspiracy theories" than the so called truth.

  34. The next 2 years are important because they were obliged by thirth to inform us in order to be able to continue collaborations

  35. Look at the world, we are hostile creatures, we are clowns without makeup, plodding on like we are the shit, it wouldn't surprise me if aliens are watching us on big screens laughing and mocking us, we do it ourselves, what if we are the village idiots of the universe.

  36. Genuine fictional accounts with real animation…

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