State leaders will have ‘no excuses not to adhere’ to national plan: Frydenberg

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg says there will be “no excuses” for state leaders not to adhere to the plan which they agreed to at National Cabinet.

Asked whether the federal government would continue providing support for a state which chooses to lock down after Christmas, the Treasurer said states should have “no expectation” of emergency economic support.

“We’re picking up the tab for pretty much all the income support,” he told Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

“And 50-50 in the business support.”


  1. He is either ignorant or lying through his teeth. The vaccines do not work!!

  2. Abolish the emergency powers an it ends

  3. More bloody vaccine promotion! The data doesn't support his claims. Look at what the stats are in Israel. Freedom will be for vaxxed only. COMPLIANCE is what they are after.

    Freedom will ultimately be found by voting Labor, Liberals, and Greens out of the system! Otherwise we are electing for tyranny

  4. Dumb arses look overseas, get off the train tracks.we are gonna get smashed hard

  5. I hope they got a pathway out when a lynch mob rocks up

  6. Need a French Revolution in Oztrolya

  7. I think this guy Josh frydenberg is corrupt he is slapping the face of Australian people just like his incompetent boss Scott Morrison

  8. "..we can 'live with the virus'."…WITHOUT JABS…"
    your body, your choice.

  9. Excuses.excuses and more excuses, stop trying to control us, we are not criminals and we are not slaves
    You just can't make up bs orders to please yourself and cover up your mistake by lockdowns, none of these so called laws and mandatory jabs(which never passed through legislation and the law act), so this is a violation of our rights of freedom and the human rights act, all of which is under a protection law act and the legislation act for Australian citizens, for a false freedom only to be thrown in our faces and taken away by these percentages and dates
    You looked at us and lied to us all,
    Anyway when is the premiere and the rest of the oppressors going to do their part, a pandemic as bad as this puts them at the same playing level, if they can't follow their own orders then why should we subjected to them
    This is the premieres mess and she needs to own up to her biggest mistake in history, this is just criminal for what she is doing

  10. Guy takes his car to a mechanic The mechanic says ' your car has a 99 5% chance of surviving, However i have this experimental oil i can use , but it might ruin the car forever!!!

  11. Josh hahaha says the Doherty institute tells them at 70-80% vaccinated they can forget lockdowns 🤡,didn’t josh see the way Dan spoke no sunsets no sun inside your kennels Victorians,when the time comes every state is lifting restrictions Dan will stick his fingers up at PM & national cabinet NO I’m keeping lockdowns ,wait & see I’m sure Doherty institute is fudging numbers & data when they reach 70-80% vaccinated they’ll send out a new set of figures & data showing sorry things have now changed ,we must keep lockdowns & slimy Scommo will be grinning like an assassin Dan will say yep I’m following the science you reckon you’ll get free from this mob your dilousional they’ve had everyone from the start with 2 weeks flatten the curve fact

  12. The police have turned on their own citizens. They should be all fired and tried for treason.

  13. Why are all the politicians doing lockdowns and stopping us from leaning to live with it. Leave us alone so we can learn to live with it!!

  14. Josh has the bottle to say it, I hope he stays on message & plan, going on the ABC is a waste of everybody's time, defund them when the covid assistance ends

  15. Doherty institute funded by Gates foundation,go figure.
    We can eliminate these people either by force ie execution or don’t vote,mind you if voting made a difference it would be illegal

  16. Frydenberg says "70 – 80% vaccinations before the lockdowns and suffocation marks are ended!!!" This is how the federal government will destroy the Labour Party government in both Queensland and Victoria, Sydneys Premier will also go down with them at their next state elections and they are all too stupid to see it. There is no way 70% of the populatiaon are going to get the toxic jab knowing full well its suicide to do it.

  17. ..Jabs do not stop transmission, does not stop you 'getting' the 'virus' …been proven….that's why the jabbed are STILL getting 'sick' … and if they
    are 'effective' ..why the need for 'boosters' …makes no sense whatsoever….

  18. Obsession with vaccination. Vaccination is not the answer. All politicians sound stupid.

  19. Where is the evidence and data that show any current cv19vaccines being effective or safe? Some vaccines take over 5 years to present their adverse reactions, so no, we don't know if cv19vax is safe. Why is indemnity granted in Australia to protect cv19vaccine pharmaceutical companies? Why are covid cures and prophylaxis medicines banned in Australia and hidden from the general public? It is not in accordance with real and balanced science that the media coverage through this whole cv19 outbreak, has been one sided for vaccines and lockdowns only. Mandatory anything, in Australia is unconstitutional and unlawful. Waiting & watching for answers asap please treasurer…………

  20. Why Don’t You Clowns Stop these Idiot Premiers From , Clubbing/ Cuffing/ & Attacking Law Abiding Citizens!, Trying too Protest!!. Instead of Using Coppers!, as your Personal little Army!!!. Interesting too note there is like 4/5 Nazis , on Each Protester!! Wonder how Tough they are Without Batons, & Gear, 1 on 1 ??????

  21. They have the people right where they want them. FEAR MONGERED and financially forced into the vaccination program which FACT does not make you bulletproof from COVID. Eat well, exercise often, enjoy the sun and most of all be kind to each other!

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