SPIDER-GWEN Trailer #1 HD | Sabrina Carpenter, Tom Holland

This is a fan-made trailer. No copyright infringement intended.

As chosen by you guys (thanks to those who voted!), we have a full trailer for Sabrina Carpenter as Spider-Gwen aka Ghost Spider aka Gwen Stacy. Do you think she’ll make a good MCU Gwen?

The thumbnail is an edit made using an image of Sabrina and an awesome cosplayer shot. Check her out here:

Also shoutout to YouTube cosplayers Molly Stewart and Joshua Williams for their fan-made videos.

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Copyright Disclaimer: This video is protected under fair use. It uses brief clippings of existing media to communicate a new concept/idea that fans are able to consume as either celebratory or theoretical commentary on how a film/cinematic universe could look. This is often intended as parody and/or social critique on the typical male hero-trope either by providing light on female heroism in its place or by mimicking action trailer themes. It draws upon existing art to suggest new ventures and/or propose changes to current products.

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  1. Marvel/Disney Needs to watch This in order for this to become reality!!

  2. Mike from Elk Grove California age 63. Wow, fest I just found out HULK got a HULKette, and now Spuderman has a Spiderette. Wow, cant wait til we see what the families produce lol

  3. Avery budy edit video and upload in youtube…


  5. Ok . Mas não estraga nada até que o Tom já precisava de uma assistente. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  6. This was so good I thought it was real then got sad when I found out it was only a fan trailer.

  7. I dont really like Sabrina Carpenter no hate but ya

  8. I like how this “teaser tailor” shows moments from a show called Work It

  9. its look real but is not

  10. I wish that they could make this movie, but Gwen died in the second Spiderman, I was so sad

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  12. I thought this was real and now I am sad….
    *sad baby noises*

  13. Is it real?
    Please tell me

  14. This is the best fan-made trailer I´ve ever seen! In any other fan-made trailer you can see, that it wasn´t made by the true actors etc. But in this movie I wasn´t sure if it´s fan-made or not. Creating a trailer so good that you can´t really see in the first scene that it was made by fans is really difficult. So congrats! You did a really great job!

  15. Ik this is fake and is realllly good trailer but zendaya ain't going anywhere from this movie series


  17. This actually looks fire

  18. Nice editing bro 😉🙂😉🙂😉 mix make movies video

  19. She looks awesome but her smile wired 😂

  20. It’s a mix of Spider-Man movies and “Wrok it”

  21. So to everyone who thot that this is real I'm just trying to give you a heads-up it's not real but I like the idea of a spider-gwen movie but I'm not quite sure about her playing it but if she did I wouldn't be upset

  22. Faux trailer, les images de Sabrina Carpenter viennent d'un film que j'ai vue et les images de Tom Holland viennent des trois films qu'il a fait

  23. Increíble… Son unos cracks

  24. É montagem esse trailer, da pra vê pela aranha que é a aranha do filme o aprendiz de vampiro

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