SOLITARY Official Trailer (2021) Sci Fi, New Movie Trailers 4k

SOLITARY Official Trailer (2021) Sci Fi, New Movie Trailers 4k
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  1. Was horrible. It's on Tubi so I should have known.

  2. Retard plot, retard dialogue, retard effects … nothing to save here. Just a very very bad b movie

  3. I think the director spent all the films budget on acid. Then dropped it whilst making this piece of trash.

  4. This is true they doing this to people yall believe y’all please

  5. Ya la vi esta muy mala

  6. Strangely, this feel like the beginnings of the Starcraft storyline, where ships full of prisoners are sent across the galaxy to colonise other worlds.
    As such the Koprulu sector is formed.

  7. Australia penitenciar colony,

  8. The production looks a little cheap. Still I'll give it a try.

  9. Europe and USA telling the same old colonialist narrativas for more than 500 hundred years. Tired of this s#&t

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  11. Colonized space.. well every

  12. English in space is a hard sale. Majority of actors in space movies Have to be Americans and/or Russians for the movie to be half way decent!

  13. It already costs a bomb to keep prisoners on Earth. This is in space. Ridiculous

  14. It would be useful if you could include what f’ing platform each movie is streaming on – ffs… 🤦🏼‍♂️

  15. Best thing about that was the Thumbnail.😝

  16. Wow great dialogue! What did you do? Someone did something to me, so I did something to him" "Why do I get the feeling, there's something you know, that I don't…i don't know", " Didn't mean to do it…do what?" Ta, ta, taaaa! And those screeching violins! My god the suspense! I mean Ridley Scott would be like, yeah just put that down there on the lower shelves and forget about it!

  17. Looks interesting. I don’t go out to see a movie anymore but if it comes to one of the streaming-services I’ll definitely check it out. 👍

  18. Just one fact they're missing here. Do they know how much money it costs to send a single space craft into space, let alone thousands of inexperienced astronauts.. No thanks, I can't suspend my beliefs that much, the whole plot falls on its face just on this premise.

  19. Looks like a home movie featuring a bunch of nobodies who can't act, a plot that is so stupid it's almost funny, and zero watchability. In the old days this would have been a straight to cable grade Z movie. I guess this will be released somewhere in the world and then quickly pulled after no one shows up to see it.

  20. Good plot. Bad acting. Shit movie.

  21. Low budget with scouse accent acting,

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