Slipknot – Devil in I (SYN Remix)

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  1. this song made me realise there's a devil inside of me because I've never been this hyperactive while listening to music before.

  2. Dude looks like Might Guy with 8th gate.

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  4. I think I just found my new juggernaut music for Airsoft

  5. I honestly thought that drop would be harder… It sounds like punyaso's drops… That kick doesn't fit it… The build ups aren't that interesting… And well, I could continue… Anyway, at least Cory's voice makes the intro sound good… That's the unique thing I liked… At least Punyaso sounds better

    BTW!!, I'm not a hater, I'm just a real Metalstep lover, you could check out my playlist in YouTube, it's called Metalstep, you'll find better songs and more genres.

  6. Love it! Best workout music.

  7. this is sick!!!!!🔥🔥🔥

  8. omg bro t'his song is so good

  9. Coloquei no som do carro indo pro trampo kkkk

  10. Primero comentario en español:v simplemente épica 🔥🔥🔥

  11. An entire year has passed and I remember this like it was yesterday, wtf happened to time there?

  12. This really goes hard af. Slipknot in the rave homie

  13. Like the original better 😉 but still cool

  14. If Slipknot was inspired by Skrillex:

  15. how can we sent demo to this label plesss help

  16. Normally metal doesn't really work, but, slipknot being my favorite band, surprised me even more that I love this.

  17. Why not a Deathstep version of Devil and I instead …. Just saying

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