Siren Head- Horror Short Film

New video ‘HULK vs ME’-

A live-action horror short film based on Siren Head.
Motion Capture systems-

Siren Head is a character created by Trevor Henderson.

Director/VFX: Raghav
Actor: Satisha SC @satishasc (Instagram)
Behind the Scenes: Chandan @the.mountain.child (Instagram)

1. Horror Sound tracks and SFX from
2. Spinning sound effect from Jonkari P’s Siren Head in Jurassic Park video
3. Sound FX from Motion Design by
4. End shot scream by Jacksepticeye
3. Double Agent- Everet Almond- Youtube Audio Library

#SirenHead #Horror


  1. Hey guys, let me know what we should do next 🙂 Also, make sure to watch our latest video 'HULK vs ME'. Its got some crazzzyy action and animation 😉

  2. 普通ここまで近くにいたら一瞬で脳破裂するぞw

  3. Omg stop that was so scary

  4. Siren head and clown it on my monters fav

  5. I shouldint have watched this now im paranoic

  6. Tell me should a little 6 year old child watch this the father seems to think so. This is disgusting

  7. Sirenhead is not real is just a movie

  8. Jelek pura pura gak jaman

  9. This flim is asesome !! 🔥🔥

  10. wow gar nicht gruselig,könnte sogar meine kleine Schwester ohne angst davon kommen

  11. they put jacksepticeye audio at the end

  12. guy driving tword siren head "RUN" bro how do i run in a car

  13. que miedo

  14. Que orrible me dio miedo 😱 eso
    Asta qué no puedo mover las
    Manos cuando estoy escribiendo

  15. Can someone tell me if there is this movie on "The Filmes" please?

  16. Alguém pode me dizer se tem esse filme no "The Filmes"?

  17. Vska doa soabdis zia zia sjsiakd z sia sjabss siabs s

  18. Hahzvaisbskda z iabdja s sjsbs sjsbsbs sjs sjsbsjs sud ss

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