Shaggy – Boombastic (Official Music Video)

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  1. Here we are in 2022 with 2 black shaggys. This is the best timeline.

  2. what is the name of the song whose sample is used at the beginning of the song?

  3. hit like if you are listening this master peice in oct 2022

  4. Nostalgia has entered the comments.

  5. 13 years and this is Straight up fire 🔥🔥🔥

  6. This song takes me back to mr Bean. 😆

  7. anybody still listen to this in 2022

  8. I am here to ROCK⏺️📀💎&2Turn back the CLOCK⚡🎰

  9. Rapping to Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On". Any wonder it was a hit?

  10. Oh hey it’s the song from parappa the rapper

  11. Utter and complete rubbish. HOW much is he paid?

  12. When I hear this song my mind goes directly to Mr. Bean dancing to this

  13. Stealing my song? I think not

  14. 2022 I still in love this song

  15. Dang shaggy is old school! What the f happened to music these days like for real??

  16. миста ловалова, натащакаралова🤣

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