Selena – I Could Fall In Love (Official Music Video)

Selena “I Could Fall In Love” Official Music Video.
You can find the music on the album ‘Dreaming Of You’
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  1. Aunque pasen los años sus canciones siguen vigentes. Cuánto te extrañamos Selena. Sigues viva en nuestros corazones…

  2. Selena never died, we lost her physically , NEVER mentally. She lives in us , our hearts. Still beat for her. She is always watching over us. She would have been so proud of us all. We will never forget the OG, the queen of Music. Rest easy Selena, only lived 23 years of your life. You were a star . A bright shining star. You can rest now. In a happy, beautiful world. Instead of a mean world. You never deserved what happened to you love. You were too young. You were beautiful. We miss you. Never forget your fans. 1995 March 31. Worst day. We miss you Selena. Don’t let anyone get to you. 💜

  3. And your yes to your life is not a good 🙂 for me as I have to start

  4. It's Aug '22, and this song holds more reverence and passion than most songs out today, and always will

  5. Amo essa música! Que mulher forte e linda. ❤

  6. God bless my Selena. Shawn Black Kong king 👑. AMEN

  7. Beautiful I love this song 2022 here u go…

  8. 🙌🏿🌹🥀🍁🌾!!!!!!!!!!! Um dia Deus vai reparar todas estas injustiças…. impunidades todas…. Rip!

  9. I was on my way home from a weekend of racing when I heard about her death.. I remember saying who in the hell wanted her dead… made no sense an it still makes no sense

  10. Yeah that was bad man.. I'm a fan of heavy metal but damn I liked her… she seemed like a straight person…

  11. Saludos cordiales desde Monclova Coahuila México su amigo de siempre Genaro García Gómez. Hermosa mujer 😍 locamente enamoró de ella .,

  12. I can't believe she amazing women is gone

  13. te amamos siempre mi reyna ♥♥♥

  14. One of the beautiful women I've ever seen. I remember my mom crying when the news came out.

  15. Why people don't sing like this anymore


  17. Of Selena's songs this is my favorite 💜🌹

  18. This makes me cry she still the best ❤️

  19. Selena forever in my mind. I miss you so much princess 💕

  20. True love is worth fighting for ✨ just follow your heart 🌹

  21. Music that moves the heart

  22. One of the best singers Earth 🌎 have ever seen

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