Secret Lives | Full Drama Mystery Movie

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Secret Lives – An attractive art professor is forced to journey into her past to discover the truth about her marriage, her deceased husband and the truth about her former married life.

Stars: Daphne Zuniga, Duncan Regehr, Ken Dresen

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  1. Main actress is not professional, seeing two body 2-3 days. If anyone in her place could have choked whole life. Story good but acting not enough

  2. Sees 2 dead bodies in a few days, 1 being the husband she thought she buried 10 yrs ago, Lawyer lady tells her to ; " Go home and forget all about this "
    I think she needs a new lawyer
    I wouldn't be wearing a tight scarf around my neck with a long piece hanging down off the back of my neck, when people are trying to kill me, perfect for someone to sneak up from behind and choke me to death.

  3. Way to contaminate a crime scene.!! ( The home, the safe, ect. @the deceased husband's home )

  4. 👏👏👏Your Movies are the Best.. No false Info abt movies or restrictions to ppl over 18, & Comments turned off are 3 Red Flags.its a Bum Movie… 👍👍👍Watching from USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✌️✌️✌️Keeping them coming.. Love ur flicks … 💃💃💃🔥🔥

  5. Leonard was a lot of things but she's nutter than a squriels terd.

  6. I remember this movie from years ago
    Very good
    Thank you

  7. If any man gave me a gun for protection, I would defiantly look at the gun chambers to see if they are bullets in it? Then I will use the gun for my protection! Great Movie 🙂

  8. Must be a different lifestyle to ‘flying through the air’ with her ‘kick shots’….
    Xena-Warrior Princess 👸🏻…

  9. 🗣Thanks again for uploading these great 👍Movies 🎥🍿 Another Great 👍 Movie🎥 🗣”Secret Lives” 🎥 I HAVE SEEN ALOT OF TRUE STORIES 🗣 An art teacher receives a visit from an FBI agent to identify the body of her husband, which is unprecedented, since he had died in a fire 11 years ago. I AM A LOVER OF TRUE STORIES♥️I WATCHING MY MOVIE 🎥 GREAT 👍 CAST♥️MRS. DELOACH🎥🍿

  10. Clicked on to this one by accident, so glad I did I really enjoyed it. Thankyou

  11. Answer: No! After 40 yrs female here of learning "the hard way". No. None really knows anyone until its WAAAAYYYY to late.

  12. Finding 5 millions dollars in this age not much interesting

  13. Where the hell is she living where there is a thunderstorm almost every night?

  14. She said "loier" instead of "law – yer". Ecch. Ick. Yuck. Yech. Blech.

  15. Loving these low budget movies 🎥

  16. Her lawyer better then thief

  17. Wow, this was really an unexpectedly good movie! Goes to show how some people can manipulate you….

  18. "" NEVER FEAR….YOUR lAWyer Is HERE"". LOL

  19. I love the music in these old movies… totally cool … big turn on…

  20. Ugh inside cats be all ova the table and stove 🤮🤮

  21. Great flick! Definitely worth the watch. God bless whoever is reading this.🙏✌️

  22. over half of the movies on MC are pure crap. Just terrible, low budget. bad actors. How did they get to be in the movies,
    All future actors take note, you can make it too. If these horrible actors on MC can do it. I had enough of this POS movie and will find something else to watch.

  23. this woman can visit for a second time an unknown wood land a find the exact spot where the murder took place,

  24. She should be careful who she trusts especially with 5 million at stake!! x

  25. Love the movies. Thank you.

  26. Someone tried to drive her off the road and kill her and she is still looking forward to the art exhibit! 🤨

  27. Ion know why I got the feeling about lawyer and that police officer got something to do with

  28. I can't believe she didn't check out the insurance bloke. I never take anyone at face value, always check everyone out.

  29. After doing church, I was looking for a real good movie, I saw where it was made in Eugene Oregon. Interesting what my opinion is about this community and to watch this movie. Many Secret buried just amazing that’s all nothing that actually shocked me that I didn’t know. Even today there is so much secrets here but like my grandmother always said, you can I only lie I was so far but one eye get it open. 🙏🏾

  30. Movie Grade : 70 %

    The Wife – College Professors behavior pissed me off to the highest of pisstivity.

    Insurance fella was a darn Demon.

  31. Great movie …. thanks "Movie Central" ~~~

  32. I loved it would advise anyone to watch it will keep you on your toes


    I admit it-I actually slept through many parts of this. Was the money behind the painting or somewhere else? Thank you for your help!!!

  34. Unexpected twists turns. A good movie.

  35. It's raining and dark out…. Movie TIME……

  36. Good movie. Loved the twists and turns, certainly didn't expect the outcome. Best part is, no sex, gratuitous or otherwise and no obscene language. Refreshing I must say.

  37. I love her cat. Few things can compare to the feeling of being a cat parent trust me.

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