Secret Lives | Full Drama Mystery Movie | Daphne Zuniga

Secret Lives – An attractive art professor is forced to journey into her past to discover the truth about her marriage, her deceased husband and the truth about her former married life.
2005. Stars: Daphne Zuniga, Duncan Regehr, Ken Dresen

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  1. Always a run through the woods first and then a fall. Guaranteed

  2. That found the right dump women for this movies

  3. I loved Daphne Zuniga in Melrose Place ❤️

  4. How Mike figured out where the money was hiding ?? She is the only one who figured it out , and the only person she told her friend the lawyer, that's why I thought the friend tips Mike I thought they all working together…..!!!!

  5. Yeah movie was alright. I knew that guy was dodgy and don't you hate it when they get chased they run into the woods. The movie was alright

  6. Intriguing plot and excellent cast. Don't miss the ending !

  7. A great movie, well acted, interesting story.

  8. Really good watch it came get comfy and enjoy

  9. Disappointed that I didn’t see her leave with her cat.

  10. I love suspense with a twist.

  11. Very very slow…until it wasn't.

  12. Yep excellent movie I’m watching it now 2022

  13. Great movie but so dark inside houses.

  14. I knew from the beginning the investigator was there to steal the money not to get the money back.

  15. Excellent movie. Kept me guessing !

  16. The Widow Got The $5M Smart Woman

  17. Excellent movie with a great twist. Thanks for sharing 👍

  18. Interesting movie…
    Got me to thinking: what would I do with such a great investment?
    What indeed.

  19. Excellent movie!
    Fake insurance agent and banker.

  20. Goes to show: inside different than outside! Motives so well hidden n disguised

  21. Fooled again- remember – clue, sudden disappearing instances. ( My pea brain- along w/ old age). Good good movie.

  22. Seen this movie but able to remember some parts.

  23. Someone give the cat a little Oscar.

  24. So we sit through 5 minutes of terrible music that's 5x too loud only to have the narrator mumble something covered up by the awful music. Then the woman talks like a child: be careful it's hot (concerning the coffee in the cup). Uh huh, unless the guys intellectually disabled he's known that coffee is hot for about 40 years now… Where have all the writers gone??

  25. Great movie full of fun unexpected twist.

  26. Good movie. All of the women in this movie are very attractive, especially Daphne and the knockout bank teller.

  27. No sound. Volume was too low

  28. I hate it when the woman does something stupid, like going in the house after she found out he was a fraud & not waiting for the sherrif to get there, just to try to make it more exciting.

  29. It was a check. On the dresser. And she got it. That's how she get the money.

  30. A boring movie with a boring actress whose violent movements is not all in harmony with her bored and boring mood . Her bored mood and boring acts made me tired ,so tired and unwilling to continue watching . Her slowness ,bored mood and addicted like look kills any desire for following the story making you feel impatient looking forward to finishing the film.

  31. talk about falling into a house. where is the moving truck?

  32. She says she was married to him for 13 years, then he was meant to bed for 10 years, he managed to buy property with embezzled money and fake id. Only in America

  33. In life the best probability to know anyone is the people we had grown up together. Once people takes another direction and path, we no longer know about them anymore.

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