Sci Fi Thriller Movies Full Length 2021 New Science Fiction Film in English

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  1. Lame ass guys talking then talking more and then never shutting up. Gay. !!!

  2. That's achieving immortality if a brain can be uploaded and downloaded into machine or organic lifeforms. πŸ€” I know I was born way too soon because I believe in the future it will be possible to achieve immortality that way.

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  5. Jesus Christ, horrible boring, almost all f….. Action not make sense, just bloody shit. 1/10

  6. So tell me what the movie is about!

  7. This is what Nano Brain 2047 talks about putting a chip in the human Brain n when you die they can retrieve your brain it'll will never die. (Not the fleshy Brain but a Digital Brain that can be put into a robot.,) Fact !!!

  8. Little slow but good 😌

  9. No title? YouTube should delete channels with no titles and click bait.

  10. The actor looks like a Neanderthal, whines like a baby think he's not acting sucks!!!!!

  11. this was a very different storyline ive never seen in a movie before. worth a watch

  12. Profound concepts–but presented in an almost incoherent manner–imho.

  13. I actually think this films good 😌

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  15. My so called "father", left me and my mom when I was 4, I saw him last at 12, in court when he basically said he did not want to pay Β£4.25 p/m towards my upbringing, he then sent me a birthday card on my 16 birthday wishing me a happy 18 birthday, that was the last time I heard from him over 3 decades ago.
    As far as I know he is still alive and I live in the same house for 46 years, I would not and will not care if he's dead or alive, so unlike this film with father and son interaction, that would not be me.
    A good film all the same thank you.

  16. Good movie but not very sci-fi

  17. 🀝I love you πŸ’Ÿ πŸŽ¬πŸ‘

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