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Women start giving birth to physically and mentally different babies who seem to be supernaturally gifted.

Vikaari by Sandun Seneviratne, Charlie Bray

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  1. Hi Everyone, Sandun and Charlie here – we're the writer/directors of Vikaari and would love to answer any questions you may have about the film – just comment below and we'll do our best to get back to you asap

  2. Woa! awesome! realistic! Hopefully the kids will bring us out of this mess.

  3. Well done. Truly enjoyed this.

  4. Mom: What movie are u watching?
    Me: Sri Lankan X-Men First Class

  5. That dudes beard and man bun is the real problem. Not the vikkaari

  6. Good way to be rid of mid east

  7. The actors in the β€œinterviews” are some of the best actors I’ve ever seen.

  8. This was a very nice documentary 37 years from now!

  9. I LIKE it! πŸ‘Œ Great short film with brilliant acting by everyone in it. I think the film makers were heavily inspired by "Village of the Damned". Especially that scene near the end, when the resistance gang turned on each other.

  10. "Evil right wing", even in sci-fi shorts the propaganda is alive and well I see.

  11. Reminiscent of War of the World's in retrospect. Excellent videography and writers πŸ‘

  12. If this happened in todays world it would get absolutely zero coverage and would go on without anybody even knowing or giving a shit

  13. An incredible adaptation of Childhood's end.
    Greetings from Finland!

  14. Amazing job. Loved every second of it.

  15. i'd like to see this story expanded

  16. Finally! Bring on the evolution… I'm happy to pass the torch to an evolved species like this

  17. Wow! how does this film have such little views compared to the other ones! sooo good!!

  18. I would have loved to be there when this was being written and story-boarded. This had steady pace and development while keeping to it's central theme. Vikaari feels like an episode in a series, but stands well on its own.
    Certainly one of the best on Dust.
    Bravo! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  19. First time I've ever said this.. her statement "it's a right wing extremist group" is garbage. I'm out. See you on another video πŸ™‚

  20. I like this, but it doesn't always have to end in tragedy. Alternate endings, anyone? I could see this going many way before the confrontation.

  21. OMG guys this is so good .. its so realistic and those actors are great .. why dont you and DUST do a TV Show !!! It’ll be watched by billions ..

  22. Reminds me of the black-eyed babies…

  23. No way,not again X-men, I'm bored about it !!!

  24. Is this where CANCEL CULTURE is leading to out there Lefties?????? Are you going to believe your lying eyes now???

  25. Sick parody of our current life. Perhaps better said as parody of our sick current life. People so easily embrace hate of anything different, of anyone different. If this video does not make you sick you need to pray or find a Psychologist or priest.

  26. Did you show Kashmir as a country???😳
    Movie is awesome though..

  27. Well done, too realistic, which is a compliment.

  28. "evil right wing" there you get your dislike. Don't denigrate things that don't belong to you. What about right wing has anything do do with murderous extreme nationalist movements?

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