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A man from another dimension loops through time in search of the ultimate answer, accompanied only by his unusual pets.

This is a Test by Nathaniel Hoopes

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  1. Hi everyone!! Thank you so much for watching. I just graduated college in June and am so thankful that Dust is keeping independent filmmaking alive during such a difficult time for young filmmakers. I never expected anyone to see this since it’s a low budget student film and my first time directing. I hope that This is a Test will help make you feel a little more okay with being lost right now. Enjoy :)))

  2. When you try to deep dive when you don't have enough water, you bump your head.

  3. every now and then science fiction gets truly strange .. πŸ™‚ keep up the good work

  4. This guy is naturally connected to Aetherion/Akasha without even him knowing it.

  5. He was waiting for the other shoe to drop! Nice work kiddo. >>> Tom's wife Pam <<

  6. If this is a test, it was an epic failure to show anything other than the horrors of one man's schizo-effective trauma and dissociation disorder…this isn't a story, it's a transcribed delusion of grandeur!

  7. If anyone knows the name of the song..? would be much appreciated

  8. I wasn't feeling even a little bit lost until I watched this. At least having Stephen Hawking narrate was entertaining.

  9. Sorry. Had to shit it off. Electronic Donald Duck.

  10. I'm sorry I just' don't get it' have read the comment's below ….I didn't get the inter dimensional drift….just watching without reading comment's …I thought it was more this is your life sad but true just a mundine existance and the shaking hand ? just this viewer's view…maybe re watching i may see more /

  11. I hope one day I'll find my answers too.

  12. 12:28
    "Someday he will realize that it's not… ?????"
    What is said here. Please somebody help.

    I feel like this guy in so many ways…😒

  13. Very creative; Impressive work.)

  14. I'm sorry but I could hardly understand anything that the robot voice was saying throughout the whole video. Only a few phrases and half phrases here and there.

  15. Well, I could not understand his speech! Why? Ruined it for me.

  16. So this is what happened to the Matrix after Neo saved it from Smith.

  17. I'm drawn to this every couple of months… Thank you. πŸ’•
    "Nobody is going to look at those…"
    That line has inspired me to put my art out there so there will be no denying it!
    I will be the Performer and the Storyteller.
    I will be A Keeper of the Light.

    4:55 🎢 I wish I could have this on repeat 🎢

  18. I did not understand any of that!

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