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Set in the near future where experimental technology allows two detectives to bring a murder victim back to life in a digital state in order to question him about his final moments.

“The Final Moments of Karl Brant” by M. Francis Wilson

Starring Paul Reubens (Pee-Wee Herman) and ALTER Filmmaker Janina Gavankar (Stucco, Borderlands)

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More About “The Final Moments of Karl Brant”:
The Final Moments of Karl Brant” takes place in a near future where experimental technology allows two detectives to bring a dead man back to life in a digital state so that they may question him about his own murder. This short film explores the concepts of technological singularity, brain taping and transhumanism.

“The Final Moments of Karl Brant” Credits:
Karl Brant: Pete Chekvala
Bennett Ferryman: Paul Reubens
Det. Hostteler: Janina Gavankar
Det. Tomaso: Jon Sklaroff
Monica: Fay Masterson
Assassin: John Cabrera

Writer/Director: M.F. Wilson
Producer: Scott M. Davids
Producer: Neil Ellice
Producer: Matthew Wilson
Executive Producer: Joan Sweeny
Executive Producer: Jonathan Krauss
Executive Producer: Frank Sweeny
Co-Producer: Seth Kleinberg
Co-Producer: Andrew Cava
1st AD: Lorne Hiltser

Director of Photography: Brett Pawlak
Production Designer: Gustaf Aspegren
Costume Designer: JR Hawbaker
Editor: Dave Cory
Editor: Scott M. Davids
VFX Supervisor: Scott M. Davids
VFX Producer: Seth Kleinberg

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  1. "The Final Moments of Karl Brant" was created by the incredibly memorable M. Francis Wilson, and stars Paul Reubens (Pee-Wee Herman) and ALTER Filmmaker, Janina Gavankar (Stucco, Borderlands). Be sure to check out their socials to keep up with their work:

  2. Typical cops… neverending garbage…

  3. "When did you first discover the body?" How many times can you discover a dead body? I suppose someone could have moved it, and she stumbled upon its second location, but that's not mentioned in the film. Hmmm…

  4. Good one.
    Well done
    Well acted

    but I’m very irritated with the ending

  5. The female cop should go down for murder.

  6. So even in the future they hire those without the skills or mental capacity to get a real job, to become cops? Talk about a bleak future.

  7. Bravo! That was awesome – formidable performances by a talented cast, stunning visuals and effects. My only concern was that the detectives' decision to pull the plug and bury the technology seemed to come out of left field, an about-face that felt sudden and inconsistent with the value and utility of the the victim's posthumous testimony it had provided – their motivation was obscure: clearly the lady didn't believe it was a sentient human conscience, despite evidence to the contrary and expert opinion, but why on earth was she so eager to terminate it?
    Obviously this would've been proprietary technology and private property representing a considerable investment (and clearly of commercial value as it was the target of corporate espionage) so the actions seem inconsistent with law enforcement.
    The ending is clearly meant to be confronting, as if the victim is being murdered again, and perhaps these are the questions it was meant to elicit, but to my mind it comes across as an illogical and somewhat irritating non-sequitur.

  8. Like very much, good story. In the end both cops can be accused of digital murder, just saying…

  9. That was an amazing short film. Damn I want more. of this story

  10. “Bravo! Encore!”“Bravo! Encore!”“Bravo! Encore!”“Bravo! Encore!”

    Encore please with Mister Brant! Or could it be an army of Mister Brants?

  11. not sure i understand the screaming .. but overall … very well done ..

  12. So they shut the construct down. What's the punch line?

  13. Excellent work by all! Let's not forget Faye Masterson and her work in "The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra" movies as well. Polar opposite of her character here.😀

  14. His final moments weren't so final.

  15. In a way I am happy that our technology is crude enough that this will very likely not happen to me.

  16. This opens a can of worms . Karl’s partner could easily say that the police murdered him again and a personality construct has the same rights as a human . Thank you for the film ! Very thought provoking.

  17. They never disappoint when you recognise familiar actors. You immediately know that it’s going to be one of the better shorts … and this was no exception.

  18. Omg. Paul Reubens is in this one. He is always so amazing!!!

  19. Was she Tried for murder?
    (The Police Officer).

  20. Existence and life. Just how interrelated are they?

  21. This was good but it feels like it was written by a man who has had unfortunate experiences with women.

  22. The guy at the end shud have said you killed him!
    Cops wudnt delete evidence, that makes no sense

  23. I💓 Paul Rubens!
    He can do, anything!🤘🤗

  24. The detectives will now have to arrest themselves for murder💀

  25. I love playing "wait, that isn't who I think it is, is it?" on this channel. Paul Reuben, fantastic as always.

  26. As a transhumanist, I only fear the ignorance of those who cannot grasp the scope of the future. Ignorance is not bliss. It is stagnation. But I'm preaching to the choir here. You wouldn't be watching Dust if you weren't open to the possibilities.

  27. Could they not afford the lighting crew?

  28. The story halts just as it arrived in the climax.
    Are you sure this is a short film, or a lousy way to spoil a viewer's enthusiasm?

  29. Loved the story but the acting ruined it

  30. Il y a pas le sous-titre en francais ces très dommage

  31. I remember an episode of STNG . There was a hearing to determine if Mr. Data should be considered a life form .

  32. Excellent short!!! Thanks for posting!!!

  33. Very cool video. Leaves a lot for the imagination.

  34. Am I the only one to feel sympathy for Karl Brant?

  35. Sadly most of the Clips are overdark. 😶

  36. Turns out Paul Reubens is a fantastic actor! Loved everything about this short.

  37. Reminds me so much of Black Mirror. This could be a fantastic full length movie. Great stuff!

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