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On a back street, a scrap monster makes a sudden lunge at a man. A pink-haired girl helps him, and their future is down to whether he remembers her.

Pinki by Spike Hyunsuk Kim

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Panic Fest Short Film Review: PINKI

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Spike Kim started his career as a music video director in South Korea. He expand his story telling skills based on Storyboard and concept Art in Movie industry.

“Pinki” Credits:
Taehwan:Han Sungchun
Pinki: Kim Serin
Monster: Lee Daekwang
Young Taehwan: Jang Hojoon
Taehwan’s sister: Kim Mina
Junk Yard Worker:Alexandra Choi
Pager Man: Kim Hyunsuk
Script Writer: Kim Hyunsuk
Director:Kim Hyunsuk
Music: Lee Jeehyang
Edit:Kim Hyunsuk
Assit. Editor: Shin Soojung/ Lee Hyunkyung
Producer: Choi Jisun
Line producer: Gina S.H Lee
Unit producer: Jung Sooyoon
Lee Seoyun
Assistant director: Kim Changhoon
2nd Asst, director: Alo
Director og Photography: Jang Do hoon
Asst, D.O.P: Lee Juyeon / Park Hyeongsuh / Song Seunghyun
Focus Puller: Choi Jaegwang
D.O.P supporter: Jung Skungmin / Yu Geumjung
Drone Shooting: Choi Jintaek / Jung Sooyoon
DIT Supervisor: Oh Byungjoo
Director of Lighting: Kim wansik
Asst. Lighting: Ko Kyungeun/ Kim wangi / Lim Joonkyu /
Kim Gyeounghoon
Electricity Generator Vehicle: oh Changsuk
Make up Supervisor: Song Jonghee
Make up and Hair: Kim Byungsoo
Monster Costume: Kim Hyunsuk
Pinki Costume: Kim Selyun
Concept Art:Kim Hyunsuk / Samuel King
Visual Effects Supervisor: Lu Andy / Kim Dongsu
Visual Effects Artist: Taewoo Kim / Wenyen Li /Chen shu / Liang junling
DIT Supervisor:Kim Hunjae
Sound Supervisor: Ko Donghoon
Boom Operator:Hyun Jeeyoon
Colorist: Lee KyungJong
Image mastering:Kim Janam / Yoon Naeun
Sound Supervisor:Lee Ingyu / Sung Yoonyong
Re-Recording Mixer: Lee Ingyu / Lee Hojun
Foley Artist: Jung jinsu
Dialogue Editor: Lee Hojun
Sound Designer: Lee Jihye
Foley Editor: Kim Yeounji

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  1. I can definitely RELATE! Well done! I can recall being awaken @ 2:30 in the morning by a pager while working for Bank of America. Driving into town to discover that a security guard had mistakenly shut down the ENTIRE Data Center and then working until 7am the next morning to bring all the servers back online so that no BofA clients were impacted.

  2. 6:28 Wow🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. I loved the last scene, it tied it all up. Just a handshake with a buzzer, oh how funny we all thought that was…. we need to recapture those simple pleasures. A friend of old, a cassett player, and a buzzer. Don't discard memories, you can use them to lighten your life even now.

  4. That was great! I really enjoyed that story, AND it had a cute ending! Well done folks!

  5. This was sooo sweet. Melted me 😀 I miss my cassette player 🙁

  6. Very well done! This short film is making me reminisce the people I forgot now, but cherished at one time as well as the items that remind me of my old time.
    In addition, it is pleased to see the out-of-date district of Sindorim area, South Korea that is familiar with me.

  7. ohhhhhhhhh ok nice message 🤣😂 it took me a little while but i get it🤦🏽

  8. not have
    Caption in this video

  9. In fact, the cultural respect for the object not being discarded is an analogy to memories. Shared memories that are too easily discarded to the digital world instead of being present, remembering the gift of that moment shared between people; without being discarded to digital format and social media as carelessly as any physical gift or object given and not treated with the proper respect.
    “The end is important in all things” – Hagakure. I’m aware that this is a Korean production and my quote from Japanese text, however in this respect, such customs and philosophies are similar. And are they not relevant to all of us?

  10. While I love the idea of the background traditions in Korea and Japan that this reflects, I also appreciate the message I took from it, which is a reminder of human connections… analogue connections over digital ones and the importance of not replacing our actual memories of sharing human moments, like sharing music in person and having physical conversations with others… remembering things ourselves, as opposed to snapping the moments in a phone while missing the moment we are in and remembering it the old fashioned way. Not digital perfect, but coloured by our perception of the experience… fallible, yes, but human.

  11. Damn. I throw away a lot of stuff. I’d have a lot of odd techno people bugging me all the time

  12. The junk golem was cool and scary, would have been scarier if we saw less of it lumbering around in daylight

  13. 🔵 I didn't understand the ending.

  14. How can I get (buy) the song!?! Loving the soundtrack.

  15. I remember reading a article of a ancient beliefs that if ur things r not discarded properly they haunt u ! it was a Asian one I guess
    I don't remember quiet well

  16. That song brings back memories big time!

  17. Hola me puede pasa un link para ver o descarga no la encuentro porfi🙏

  18. Sadly the worst DUST short film I've seen:-(

  19. I don't dispose of things. I tend to keep them forever. My mom used to dispose of them for me, angrily. Now my wife does.

  20. What is the story . What's happened I don't understand .wtf

  21. He's Asian but he wrote pinky in English

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