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A nervous job candidate is forced to show much more than a positive attitude to save the life of her competitor.

“Lifeline” by Harry Jackson

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More About “Lifeline”:
Jess, and her trial for a job at a high-tech call centre. When her competitor suddenly collapses, her only means to save him is a state of the art computer system. The problem is, the art is in a terrible state.

“Lifeline” Credits:
Directed by Harry Jackson
Produced by Alfie Johnson
Written by Tom Abbosh

Jess- Gwyneth Keyworth
The Supervisor- Julia Deakin
The Assistant- Mark Davison
Keith – Nathan Bryon
The Man o/phone – Oliver Dench
Phone Voice- Katie Sherrard

Edited by Dominic Mayer
Sound Design by Donal Sweeney
Music by Ben Rodney

Director of Photography – Charlie Jenkins
1st AC – George Phull
2nd AC- Evangelos Polychronopoulos
Gaffers- Peter Riches & Sam Meyer
Spark- Toby Leary

Production Design – Holly Nicholds & Hannah Rose

Costume Designers- Thalia Loonstein & Harriet Stanton
Costume Assistant- Irune Arbiol
Make-up Design- Sophia Attias & Kadine Watson

Production Sound Mixer– Ruben Robinson
Boom Operator – Josh Donaldson

1st AD- Zoheb Rahman
2nd AD- Robbie Laing
3rd AD- Amelia Stephensen

Post Production Supervisor- Dominic Mayer
Computer Design- Christopher Dean
Colour Correction- Jack Kibbey Newman

Visual Effects-
Yunus Berhou
Stanley Cornwell
Jack Evans
Joshua Green
Jack Lucas
Imogen Pontin
Aidan Robbie Roberts
Niamh Scott
William Willson

Poster Design- Olivia Österberg
On set photographer- Hari Deaki

Filmed at Dog Eared Films

Camera equipment – Teletronics

Lighting supplied by GLO Film Lighting

Special Thanks:
Eleanor Dupont
Paul Hinton
Ian Fellows
Jon Turner
Danny Scollard
Noho Casting Studio
Salvador Lopez Gomez
Arts University Bournemouth

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  1. Hi everyone! This is Harry, the director. Thanks so much for watching! If you have any questions about the film/making of the film, please don't hesitate to ask. Thank you DUST.

  2. Pretty sure I've called that line a million times

  3. The old ldy sounds like she's from South Park 😀

  4. My god… Reminds me of my previous callcenter job. Tied to system, only allowed to write limited things… Was barely able to contact my friends as was always tired.. Pressure of sales.

  5. So much in so little time.

  6. I'd have started CPR, and maybe broken a couple of his ribs.
    Then, when I found out he was faking, I'd have probably broken his nose.

  7. Well, that went left fast… LoL.. I expect no less.. LoL..

  8. Why oh why does this make me so happy?

  9. "Dust again" pun LUL. Of course its Dust, always.

  10. What an idea. Magnificent!

  11. So were the supervisors locked in at the end there?

  12. Oh, my, I have no idea what to think. Who was this about, anyway? The girl or the machine? Oh, my, I have no idea what to think. Who was this about, anyway? The girl or the machine? Oh, my, I have no idea what to think. Who was this about, anyway? The girl or the machine? Oh, my, I have no idea what to think. Who was this about, anyway…

  13. Telemarketers are bad enough, this is the beginning of a nightmare. Next it will be the help desk.

  14. DUST again? YES! Again, and again and again. I love this channel!

  15. This reminds me–ever so slightly–of the entry exam tests depicted for Starfleet Academy applicants. These byzantine stage plays designed to test someone's morality, or loyalty, or quick-thinking, or what have you…

    Also why the fuck did she never go and check on what's-his-name?!? I get this turned out to be a set-up, but still, it's one of the first things you do, rather than stare dumbly at him.

    "…Keith, was it?" 😂

  16. Ok not much point in saying too much, don’t want to give spoilers, but this was BRILLIANT. Good work!

  17. That foreshadowing at 1:10 spot on!

  18. I would have locked the door on my way out.

  19. Hey Dust – howabout, at the end of the videos, that you shrink YOUR subscribe outro, and leave the film credits full screen so the people that made the thing can get the credit they deserve??

  20. Our present is already riddled with tedious sales calls harassing citizens at all hours of the day, especially around dinner time when they "know" everyone will be home from work & school and most likely eating. Not so willing subjects. Thankfully the Spam detectors are working much better these days! Interesting take on this short film. Nicely done in a twisted sort of way. 😉

  21. Nice one! Are you from Australia?

  22. This was great and brutal! the poor AI and the girl were better than the rest of the people!

  23. Thanks everyone for watching! It's brilliant to hear all your interpretations and the trains of thoughts the film has set you on. Also, thank you for your encouraging words – it really means a lot to us filmmakers!

  24. Very good, really good plot.
    I did think that this could be a training video for Fitbit customer support.
    I imagine that's where the inspiration was from, if you'd ever had to deal with them you'd understand.

  25. Am I the only one that did not understand what was going on? Was the woman interacting with an AI only?

  26. Is anyone else getting a 3-minute advertisement after the credits? It is a tv news report for an app called ‘Robokill’ and is from tv news station “WKRC in Cincinnati”. Am I in the twilight zone?

  27. Боже,спасибо яндексу за перевод фильма,наконец-то я начал понимать что смотрю..

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