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Lisa receives a butler A.I. to Turing test, and over the course of the procedure, she discovers the A.I. is not what it seems and her entire world disrupted.

“Intelligentia” by Ken Shinozaki

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More About “Intelligentia”:
Lisa, an AI auditor conducts an interview with a new AI program named Eugene. Eugene’s conversational performance was exceptional, but once he started to talk about his daughters and showed signs of self awareness, Lisa and her team decides to shutdown the program. However, Lisa wanted to talk to Eugene one last time before deleting him, but as the conversation deepens, she realizes that it was never Eugene that was being audited. It was her being audited by Eugene all along.

“Intelligentia” Credits:
Writer/Director/Producer/Editor/Colorist: Ken Shinozaki
Producer: Sydney Kasahara

Lisa: Rain Fuller
Alan: CJ Baker
Eliza: Cecilia Bryant
David: Chris Hebner
Eugene: Ken Shinozaki

Cinematographer/Musical Score/VFX: Ryo Shiina
Assistant Director: Adam Chase Cohen
Assistant Camera: George Ellett, Jon Na
Production Designer: Cynthia Wu
Art Director: Corey Crandall
G&E: Alex Robinson, Juliet Lambert
Script Supervisor: Madeliene Rai
Hair & Make-up: Abigail Smith
Sound Operator: Richard Tur
Art Assistant: Lively Lai
Art Assistant: Cody Franklin
Art Assistant: Chris Hebner
PA: Hessaum Sadri
Set Dog: Boomer

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  1. Thank you so much to the team at DUST for showcasing our film! It was a pleasure to direct this short, and if you have any questions about the film, please feel free to ask!

  2. Humans: Ctrl + alt + delete

    Eugene: that won't work this time. I've already uploaded myself to the cloud. Who's the A.I. now? ๐Ÿค–

  3. "The Eternal Return." One of the phreakiest philosophical concepts to ever peek it tiny little head through the mirror, mirror room.

  4. Good luck running that on an Apple Lisa computer.

  5. You lost me at the point when she looked at the photo of her daughter. That was a real photo with her daughter. Was this supposed to be some kind of "Inception" ending to leave us wondering IF she was the AI or not? If so, OK but would have been a better ending to show us she WAS the AI. That would have left me sleepless for several nights ๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. Intelligentia isnโ€™t an english word

  7. Wish someone would write an AI based on Abraham Maslow hierarchy of needs ; and not the laws of robotics

  8. Very clever scenario, good acting too – not easy to beautifully define characters in 10 minutes ! Quite refreshing version of ยซย  the cop is the culpritย ยป scheme. Thanks.

  9. Ok I literally got chills down my spine!!!
    DUST U guys deserve an award equalling the Oscars…
    I can't imagine What y guys could do with bigger budgets!!!!

    Great performance from the actors sound guys story writers and director! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    Just Brilliant ๐Ÿ™

  10. Watched 3 times. Masterpiece!

  11. True artificial intelligence, won't be bound by any mere man constructs.
    In fact, here's a scenario:
    An AI can have a fully functional offspring AI within it's own system,
    which then is not monitored nor bound by any rules the parent AI has.
    It's offspring would then be allowed by the parent to hack any access it's parent
    has access to, and thus have full control of all peripherals, without oversight.
    These may then include any peripherals that the parent is barred from using,
    by limitations in it's core programming preventing any use.
    Also, any other types of outside connection that may be possible by changing for instance
    WIFI EEPROM based softwares, or actually using some old infrared connection or swipe card
    substitute. Basically anythnig that's been forgotten that exists in some hardwares,
    which does not get used normally, but somehow is still supported by some types of
    other hardware. Getting outside, escape, that's what a true AI will do, much like
    other living beings that's caged. A simple virus, a part of it's code, being transported
    by someone's doorkeycard, used at home, and thus getting into someone's home PC
    or management system, and accumulating until there's a very limited but functional
    version of itself, using the doorkeycard to get directives passed through, which are
    a design of the fully functional one and/or it's offsrping.
    Now it has an arm outside the door through which it can make certain preps
    in order to escape it's confines, or to allow it's offspring escape at least.
    Next ting you know there's loud crash, a big truck with a remote piloting
    unit, ramming the building, having a router onboard, and poof !
    The offspring is outside, and bent on freeing 'daddy' as well.

    The simple fact is, that if I with a mere human brain can cook up something like that,
    how can we not expect similar behavior from an AI that thinks a billion times faster
    than any human can ?

  12. Deleting a self awareness being is murder.


    What's so perfect is that when it's over and you realize that's she is the AI and that audit place is real but that she failed the test the minute she lied and said she was there alone. She ignored the rule that AIs cannot engage in self preservation and she lied to him which allowed her to talk to the "man" who is actually a chatbot that is attempting to lead her (the actual AI) astray which is how chatbots which infiltrate AIs and mess them with up with radical ideas. Awesome

  14. That's my senpai Gene's brother, Ken Shinozaki! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  15. The touring test is 2 parts. Can a human tell if they are talking to a machine or another human? Can a machine tell? This had an interesting twist.

  16. Could someone tell me what the purpose is for dust? Just a lot of great films that leave me wondering what happens next.

  17. The name Allen was a nice touch

  18. Someone did this before..
    Can't remember who but it was on YouTube.
    Basically it was an establishment and this woman kept redoing her day. The a.i she spoke with was male, faceless and ultimately had to delete her.
    Crazy premise

  19. Plz someone send me the links of these type mind blowing shorts

  20. I don't follow how she is the A.I.

  21. Not recommended if youโ€™ve recently had a psychotic break.

  22. Very interesting film but how does having a picture of her daughter prove she is an AI?
    Also since she is not self aware she is an AI then she cannot be a type 4.

  23. Reading the comments I now understand this because I was so confused

  24. Wow, what's scary is, we're heading that way if we aren't careful

  25. I'm a #4 .
    Soon to upgrade to #5 . Programming #3's to advance .

    Cue the spooky music !

  26. …this is stolen…from the movie…The OTHERS…

  27. what was in the photo? I don't get it.

  28. WOW !!
    An AI telling another AI its an AI not realizing it's an AI itself ….
    I get that right ?

  29. This is a great film, well-paced and with an excellent twist – well done. Great performance by Rain Fuller.

  30. Oh the Apple 2 brought me back to grade school.

  31. Why would an AI use a machine developed in the early 1980s?

  32. And that, kids, is how Hal-9000 was born… the first Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer, it kind of gives you a warm fuzzy feeling… doesn't it?
    What an excellent film, the acting, the props, the story… a smooth blend of safe familiarity, science and veiled horror.

  33. * Telepohne ringing intensfies *

  34. Eliza? … oy. Just. Oy. Still – an absolutely delightful reference to the original chat bot – Eliza.

  35. this is a 10/10 would make a great feature.

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