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Helen, a lonely and isolated woman, is given the opportunity to connect with people from her past using a new augmented reality device.

“Imaginary Friend” by Zach Rubin

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“Imaginary Friend” Credits:
Director of Photography / Adam McDaid
Production Designer / Izabelle Garcia
Costume Designer / Alexandra Emmons
Editor / Joe Stankus
1st Assistant Director / Kseniya Crespo, Angela Cutrone
Set Decorator / Sarah Deaner
Set Dresser / Cassandra Holden
Sound Mixer / Cyrus Jr. Baron
Boom Operator / Antoinette Tomlinson
Hair and Make Up / Callie Filion
Script Supervisor / Erika Sanz, Tenielle Masterson
1st AC / Kyle Anido, Nick Timmons, Grayson Kohs
2nd AC / Theo Michel, Sancheev Ravichandran
Gaffer / Josh Fordham, Anna Cocuzzo
Key Grip / Theodore “T” Johnson
G&E Swing / Bella Graves
Still Photographers / Blake Johnson, Andrew Juhl
Production Assistants / Arusha Baker, Walker Hare, Tommie Jessie, Noah Broch
Post Sound Mixer / Jeff Hinton
Colorist / Jaime O’bradovich

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  1. Hey! I'm the writer/director of Imaginary Friend, and I'm so psyched to share this short with you on Dust. Thanks for checking it out and happy to field any questions you might have.

  2. Powerful piece of work, as are some of the comments. One thing I have learned throughout the years, that is, one should show compassion, but one should not draw out conclusions unless one hears both, or more, sides of the story.

  3. And I thought the ads on YouTube were annoying!

  4. This breaks my heart. I love my Family unconditionally and I've told them I'm always here if you need me.
    I am very close to my Grandson ,he's 8 years old and would never hurt him.
    We do so much together . Then one day he told me When I turn 9 I won't be able to hang out with you anymore , because I'll have friends to play with. And I smiled and told him I'll always be here for you if you ever need me. 😊

  5. I have difficulty getting my mind around nuances. Could someone please tell me why the young man ordered the same glasses.

  6. "So what happened in the dream?"
    Don't ask me since this is another first chapter of a book that was never finished………

  7. Traumatic but realistic future perspektive. Virtual Reality will NEVER make us happy – but it will be forced upon us.

  8. nothing like a little child abuse off camera to make me depressed.

  9. Just watched this again.. man, this is BEAUTIFUL. What a fascinating take on the phenomenon of abuse!

  10. I absolutely love these DUST pieces that have a Black Mirror-esque feel but this one hit a little too close to the heart

  11. My mother beat the shit out of me almost daily while my father stood by and laughed. They never understood why I wouldn't spend any time with them once I was an adult. The both died in nursing homes all alone. And I don't give a goddamn.

  12. LMAO That replay of that message had me dying. "I hope you're well."

  13. Abused? beaten to a pulp,starved etc etc? Remember folks to get revenge. It's totally worth it and 100 pc liberating regardless of what others might say.

  14. ROFLMAO! That little shit AI had it coming! Lol 😂

  15. I didn't know this was Angela Merkle's retirement career.

  16. My take was that she had been abusive to her son and that is why she never sees him….and couldn't even stop herself from attacking the AI.

  17. This was SO way over normal, it almost felt normal… Thx!

  18. That woman you have on the screen shot looks like Angela Merkel sic.

  19. Me at the start: "Aw, she's an old lady who needs a friend"
    Me at the end: "Aw, she's an old lady who needs to be in prison"

  20. This is so relatable.
    I work as a geriatric nurse and there are sometimes elderlies who seem to be so sweet and nice. They tell you their kids are so mean, never visit them, don't care an inch for them… and you believe it and pity them.
    Then you get to know the relatives and learn the second side of the story… Stories of abuse, brutality, gaslighting…

  21. Doesn't the automated voice sound like Don LaFontaine who used to voice movie trailers?

    " In A World …."

  22. Thank you for sharing your thought-provoking film. Also enjoy reading commentary and interpretation of your work.

  23. "Ebeneezer, we wear the chains we forged in life." -Jacob Marley.

  24. Amazing Sci-Fi Movie! Great directing and concept.

  25. This is horrifying, well done.

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