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Content Warning: This film contains depictions of suicide that may be disturbing for some viewers.

In his quest for fame, an internet streamer finds himself on an alien planet hunting for a new record.

“Happy Hunting” by Jordan McAfee-Hahn

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More About “Happy Hunting”:
Happy Hunting is a story of Tyler (also known as @66Shadow), an influencer who will do anything to gain followers. In his quest for fame, he now finds himself live-streaming on the nearby planet Proxima Centauri B, where researchers infected with a cosmetic abnormality are hunted for sport, to break @SgtSurge’s kill record. Tyler hunts with precise skill, allowing him to track and kill three victims despite their pleas for mercy, all while hamming it up for his drone companion, who live-streams his every move. He is then attacked by a potential fourth victim, catching him off guard and disarming him. Tyler is able to kill the fourth victim as she scrambles for his weapon, but his helmet is breached and he passes out from the change in atmosphere. A few hours later, Tyler comes back to consciousness, and realizes that he has been infected with the cosmetic abnormality from his time exposed. One victim shy from breaking @SgtSurge’s record, Tyler kills himself on camera in order to break the record and achieve immortal internet fame.

“Happy Hunting” Credits:
Damian Joseph Quinn
Ryan Polk
Maya Knell
Hannah Zipperman
Joey Krulock

Written and Directed by: Jordan M. Hahn
Produced by: Jess Wolinsky and Jordan M. Hahn
Director of Photography: Bella Finn Parisot
Assistant Camera: Chris Chrisenbery, Ryan Bender, and Madi Palmer
Production Designer/Costume Designer: Arri Caviness
Hair and MU Department Head: Emily Dixon
Hair/MU Artist: Yazmin Vinueza
Sound Mixer: Erika Koski and Madi Palmer
Stunt Coordinator: Ryan Polk
Set Production Assistant: Troyvon Campbell and Olivia Crowell
Editor: Jordan M. Hahn
Lead VFX Artist: Andrew Siner
VFX Artist: Jordan M. Hahn
Titling Artist: Cole Daly
Additional Titles: Jordan M. Hahn
Sound Editor/Post Sound Mixer: Jacob Ruttenberg
ADR: Siena East and Jacob Ruttenberg
Composer: Alex Desimine
Colorist: Chris Chrisenbery

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  1. thank you guys SO MUCH for premiering our film! your channel was what inspired me to make this in the first place so it's so gratifying to see it here. wowowowow i can't believe it!

    Much love

    — Jordan

  2. Second time viewing this very good set-up.

  3. SUBSCRIBE TO DUST: With a massive volume blast. WTF?

  4. Youtube is breeding ground for future narcisists and psychopaths. Here is the bankruptcy shown of the Western World.

  5. Hated him in within the first minute….brilliantly acted since he just portrayed every YouTuber ever down to a fine art.Welldone.More please 🙏

  6. Whoa that was mind blowing (in more ways than one). Bravo!
    Phenomenal performance by the lead actor. Standing ovation!
    The plot is entirely consistent with a possible future where the excesses of social media are even more extreme than they are now.

  7. There is so much competition in the sci-fi short film world. Every contribution is judged against thousands of preceding entries. It's a tough field.

  8. Love the DOT approved "environmental protection " helmet,

    Really good short as always!

  9. Free for all killing and culling. Say that just might work on planet Earth

  10. Always love a happy ending.
    Would have been a nice twist if all of the hunted were once hunters.

  11. Not on earth? At 1:22 there is a car driving down a highway in the backround. Hahahaha

  12. Recently discovered and loving DUST!

    FFS…. don't let this be the future. 😱

    Also, what a douchy guy. 😂

  13. Don't hide behind a tree from a bear they are related to dogs and have a wild sense of smell. I know it was a commercial, but, just don't.

  14. That was so good! Tyler was annoying AF, and I didn't feel bad for him one bit.

  15. We've all seen the trope of people hunting each other for sport, including in sci-fi settings, but this is the evolution of that. A brilliant concept that seems terrifyingly feasible.

  16. Should've covered up the D.O.T. sticker.

  17. que le den al notas , las redes sociales son un truño

  18. Why didn't his vics have the purple discoloration of the infection?

  19. A Dji Mavic 2 Pro drone? really

  20. It does a great job of depicting the narcissism of streamers and social media types and how much they value their online image.

  21. Unlike a lot of these videos I've been watching this one actually had a bit of a story line and a real ending everyone could understand. We need more of that.

  22. Good acting, made me hate him..

  23. They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder… that does not apply to miscreant psychopaths.

  24. "square in the chest from 50 feet away"…? You think that's a big deal little girl?

  25. Dood – really poor. What the 773H is he doing wearing motorcycle gear on Proxima anything? Stoopit. Didn't even finish watching this lame crap.

  26. Forgot to remove the DOT sign from the helmet…..I mean, really?? That helmet is exactly a motorcycle hepmet made by BELL.

  27. If one only wouldn't be able to see the sky through the gap between the helmet and the neck… Too many if's in that statement!

  28. Soon to be vaxxed vs. un vaxxed …. welcome to the new normal

  29. This is horrible.. motorcycle helmet Motocross padding Nerf guns and a DJI mavic pro…
    I expected more from dust

  30. This makes no sense. The people in the cave seemed perfectly sane.

  31. I think I get it, the moral of the story is that YouTube shows are bad for you? 🤔

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