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Three young misfits venture into the Australian outback to find what they believe is a meteorite that has crash landed near their country town, only to discover it’s something far more mysterious.

“Down To Earth” by Nick Crowhurst

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More About “Down To Earth”:
Alex is a typical shy teenager crushing hard on his space obsessed next-door neighbour, Stacey. Despite the elaborate efforts to attract her attention, often with the misguided help of his doofus of a best friend, Eddie, Stacey barely notices him. This all changes when a meteorite crash lands on the outskirts of their small Australian country town. Seeing it an opportunity to get closer to Stacey, Alex proposes the three of them try and find it. Armed with a map, some walkie talkies and, in Eddie’s case, ample snacks, the three venture off into the outback. As the sun sets and with Eddie slowing them down, their chances of finding the meteorite quickly fades, until they stumble across a smoking barn and inside discover something out of this world!

“Down To Earth” Credits:
Director – Nick Crowhurst
Writer – Stephanie Jaclyn
Producer – Jodie Kirkbride
Executive Producer – Sarah Skubala
Executive Producer – Adam Skubala
Co-Producer – Stephanie Jaclyn

Alex – Sebastien Skubala
Eddie – Liam Daughtry
Stacey – Kiki Nicholls

Stacey’s Mum – Krystal Brock
Alien – Daisy Fryer
Alex Stunt Double – Matt Alderson
Extra – Ania Soltys
Extra – Jodie Kirkbride

Director of Photography – Maxx Corkindale
Production Designe – Nick Crowhurst
Editor – Nick Crowhurst
Costume Designer – Stephanie Jaclyn

Focus Puller – Jake Cooper
Clapper Loader – Lewis Kennedy
Gaffer – Josh Koster
Sound Recordist – Leah McKeown
1st AD – Jodie Kirkbride
Script Supervisor – Madelaine Ramsay
Unit Manager – Sarah Skubala
Locations Manager – Adam Skubala
Runner – Adam Skubala
Stunt Coordinator – Daisy Fryer
Driver – Christine Cutting
Hair & Makeup Artist – Ania Soltys
SFX Makeup Supervisor – Leigh Madden
SFX Makeup – Davinia Coomber
SFX Makeup – Georgia Green
SFX Makeup – Liana Krassas
Slime Wrangling Goop Girl – Liana Krassas
Alien Designer – Leigh Madden

Art Department – Emily Brockbank
Art Department – Sam Gower
Art Department – Grace Miles
Art Department – Jason Ken
Set Dresser – Sam Gower
Set Dresser – Emily Brockbank
Set Dresser – Adam Skubala
VFX Artist – Madeleine Deane
Sound Design – Ben Galotta
Colourist – Nick Crowhurst
Colourist – Maxx Corkindale
Music Composer Nathan Cummins

Very Special Thanks to Adam Skubala & Sarah Skubala

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  1. "Down To Earth" was created by the "out of this world" Nick Crowhurst and his talented team. Be sure to check out his instagram and websites to keep up with the film as well as his other latest creative endeavors:

  2. it reminds me the Stranger Things

  3. Well done I really enjoyed this.

  4. 1970's teenagers. Modern teens would demand their parents give them a ride… or they'd just be sitting looking at their cell phones.

  5. Loved it. Had the 80s vibe to it.

  6. Well made, entertaining with a good ending

  7. great beginning for a movie ' even though i'm sure it's been done !

  8. Coming to Netflix slightly odd things

  9. Unusually a short film with character development and a story. Well done

  10. I thought this was great I think it'd be good if it could be a whole movie at least an hour long

  11. A very horrible version of stranger things.
    Whoever wrote this…get better materials….because i dont wanna say get another hobby.

  12. They are missing the stereotypical "fat kid".

  13. Sorry but can anyone say “Stranger Things”!?!?

  14. man that was cheesy reminds me of the vids back in the 80s

  15. Stranger things rip-off.

  16. I’ve only recently found this channel and binged so many episodes I’ve lost count, but this is my favourite so far. Love the stand by me / stranger things vibe with the 80s synth pop just makes this for me 😁

  17. I really liked this flic. Youngsters did a really good job. The only part that needs to be improved is the alien sequence. Looking forward to your next film..

  18. Pretty good, …kids were decent, the alien part was a little, …meh. Seems implausible the girl would happen to pick up their ‘weapon’ & had to watch twice to even realize she ‘shot’ the alien. Love to see the Australian back drop though.

  19. I really liked this one…..It had a 80's or early 90's vibe. This could have been a movie.

  20. "That ain't no meteorite shower…"

  21. Fun film! I love the 80's sound track theme mixed with the instrumental innuendos. It's very playful and mysterious with a bit of "Goonies" adventure swirled in. Well done, bravo.

  22. Very Stranger ThingsEsque! love it!

  23. Really well done. You get what they were shooting for, and that is fun. 80's flashback with a twist.

  24. LOOL did not see that one coming

  25. It had all the ET vibes right from the start!

  26. Good ole Spyder bicycles. I put many miles on mine seeking adventure. I had to be home by dark though and no aliens.

  27. Under 10 minutes, and I am massively invested in these characters! I want MORE!!!

  28. The town of Echunga. Wow nearly dropped dead when I saw that. Brought up there 30 years ago. I guess now it doesn't exist anymore…

  29. I dig the 80s vibe in the music…

  30. Nice one! thank you! : )

  31. Loved all the props, but especially liked seeing the Usborne book.

  32. If you end up in the "upside-down" in Australia… are you in the "rightside-up"???
    Stranger, Stranger Things.

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