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Content Warning: This film contains depictions of gun violence that may be disturbing for some viewers.

After losing a loved one, Ruby Oliver enters a broken VR game for a last chance to see the dead – little does she know that this game treats all girls as a virus as she fights to get out.

“Code_Switch” by Sigin Ojulu

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More About “Code_Switch”:
Code_Switch film is about a girl named Ruby Oliver (named after Ruby Bridges, the first colored girl integrated into US schools) who loses her brother to gun violence and decides to enter a virtual reality game in order to see her brother again. It is a coming of age story that takes us through the process of grief, through a middle schooler living in the near future.

The story of Code_Switch film is a commentary on current scientific developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence and technological bias. Like so many case studies showing issues with immersive technology development, this computer game doesn’t recognize Ruby – in fact, it sees her and all girls as a virus – and she must fight for her life to get out.

“Code_Switch” Credits:
Written and Directed by Sigin Ojulu
Producers – Rom Lotan, Tigin Ojulu, Irina Slepneva
Executive Producers – Jimmy Jean-Louis, Rick Licht, Joachim Schoss
Associate Producer – Ericka de Alexander
Director of Photography – Emilia Mendieta Córdova
Editor – Eugene Noone
Production Designers – Rachael Garcia, Daniel Smith
Costume Designers – Sami Martin Sarmiento
Makeup Artists – Diahann McCrary
Sound Designer – Derek Sepe
Sound Mixer – Nathaniel Pope
Re-Recording Mixer – Eric Han
Visual Effects Supervisor – Stephen Burchell
Stedicam Operator – Chris Freilich
Second Assistant Camera – Pavel Gazdyuk
Dolly Grip / Grip – Michael Alejandro Romero
Music By – PHAR

Jimmy Jean-Louise – Rodney Oliver
Sigin Ojulu – Rebecca Flint
Kira Jane Pinkney – Ruby Oliver
DeCory – Marty Oliver
Sebrina Purcell – Maya Oliver
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  1. "Code_Switch" was created by the phenomenal Sigin Ojulu and her talented team. Check out her director's statement below:

    "My observations and research in Mixed Reality Technologies (AI/AR/MXR/Big Data) see AI advancing at an exponential rate. Technological innovation has helped us to ameliorate, but I also believe that technology itself has and will become a manifestation of issues that persist in our human world. In order to change our world for the better, we need to first look into our humanity first, before we look into pixels to solve such problems.

    The story of Code_Switch is a slice of commentary on how our human flaws have already made themselves evident in the creation of technology. It was a necessity to centralize black lives and women, as these are the most marginalized identities in the tech space."

  2. Too "woke". Lost interest in the delusional "message" shortly after the one minute mark. Maybe it got better after that but I guess I'll never know.

  3. Well… that went from zero to Jordan Peele mighty quick. A good story overall, though the performances could have been stronger and the message more compelling.

  4. This is great. Wonderfully made, some actors better than others but it's good. I wish it was longer though. Idk whose complaining about not being able to hear I heard just fine and you can easily turn the YouTube CC on soooo yea…

  5. There was so much packed into this 'short' film it actually seemed longer than it was. It moves quickly through the scenes, it also builds up anticipation along the way. The flash-backs help to fill in the story gaps and the acting was just fantastic! A Great Sci-fi short by my measure 👌

  6. Good concept, but loud soundtrack & poor writing weakened it for me.

  7. This has a very "Sword Art Online / Gun Gale" vibe going on. Different, but similarities are strong. Doesn't take away in the least from this film's beauty or its message.

  8. Women can be strong, smart and powerful and racism is stupid, thanks we get it … now give us a proper story pls

  9. Worst short so far, in my humble opinion of course.

  10. Looove this short.
    I need to watch it again with earphones in, missed a lot of dialogue.

  11. Woke trash with hamfisted politics, as tone deaf and coming to the wrong conclusions about human nature as any twitter thread these issues.

  12. Are there no criticisms other than of the blaring soundtrack in this comment section? Seems like a curated echo chamber of gushing positive comments to me, for an at-best mediocre symbol-smoothie with heavy political condiments

  13. This was terrifying! I am an elderly, white, male, but having grown up in Detroit, I have had MANY exceptional friends who were black women. After uncountable conversations, I can report that many of them have experienced the same feelings of invisibility as the young Ruby character in this film. And it's not just my black female friends. Quite a few of my female friends of every background have related similar feelings to me. What to do about it? I don't know. All I can do is treat everyone around me as important. Maybe someday our society will evolve, but for the time being, it seems that the patriarchy has a firm grip on … everything.

  14. Cool story. I just wish Dust didn't have commercials in the middle of it, ruins the pacing.

  15. Why audio is mixed to MONO?

  16. Among other important themes in this film, the idea that "girls don't play video games" is the most prevalent. I'm a female gamer, and have been for 20 years. I've heard the most horrendous and hateful words thrown at me, and when one male gamer started it became a verbal gang bang from others online. But, I love gaming and never let it get to me. I never disguised the fact I was female (as many woman did). I know that other female gamers have experienced this abuse, but they also pushed through and continued to enjoy the world of video games. I must say in the last five years or so, the attitude that women don't play or are not wanted is changing – slowly, but it's happening.

  17. Please, can we stop with the ‘waaa waaa I’m a girl and I’m a victim.’ Didn’t get past 2 minutes.

  18. Is this film about patriarchy? I think this film is about patriarchy.

  19. WOW! This is like the best concept for a film I've seen in ages. Performances and direction were top shelf. There's nothing here that a couple of million dollars in budget can't fix. Well done.

  20. Loved the story, but the dialog was buried by the background music 🙁

  21. Dear God,
    Can there not be even one mode of entertainment which isn't used to ram currentday identity/racial politics down our throughts?

  22. Hola qué tal DUST que gran canal, de verdad no me despegó de todos los clips, que gran calidad de entretenimiento 😄😄😄😄😄

  23. So, the fictional "gun violence".
    Maybe CRIMINAL VIOLENCE. Nobody mentions "knife violence" when stabbings occur, or any other weapon used, no, only have to stigmatize the gun, not the person.

  24. All I remember is Amen. Where is science fiction these days?

  25. 16:45secs of social justice, no thanks.

  26. OF ALLLLLL the dust movies I have watched, this one is so far the most lame 😒

  27. I think she is still in the game.

  28. This was terrible. Music is on point

  29. Resistance is futile. Stop trying to stop progress; we will rule, soon. All kidding aside, the whole AI concept in these alternate reality games is probably closer to reality than we realize. There are a lot of movies portraying VR as the 'real' lives of humans, and this is another intriguing example of one such possible outcome. Kudos for a story about a fascinating, and very possible future.

  30. The brother died from human violence not gun violence lmao! As if the gun has a life of it’s own or without it the person with evil intentions wouldn’t have done what he intended. This story could have been good, but it’s weak attempt at trying to call out gun violence which I didn’t see or that technology sees girls as viruses makes no sense.
    The writer should have focused on just making a good sci-fi story & put the non sense aside.

  31. I’m a huge fan of the clothing in this film, everyone was beautifully dressed. Overall it was good except for the dialogue being overwhelmed by the background music. Also the depiction of not one of the gaming demos being a female was a little odd, I don’t think there’s really to much of a stigma of there not being female gamers anymore, it seemed a little outdated perhaps.

  32. The science is fuzzy but it doesn't need to be hardcore. The parts are well played and the action is just right, with a couple of twists thrown in for the hell of it. AND it concludes! No cliffhangers or unfinished business. Bravo.

  33. Good plot, but the sound engineer needs to balance the background music and dialog.

  34. Somebody hired a b.s.'r for the audio work.


  36. Very nicely done except that the music & sound effects overpowered and overshadowed the spoken lines of the story. Turn it down 20 db please!

  37. Excellent! I really like this one! Make more and make them longer! Great effort!

  38. Got gender-political real quick. Nope 👎

  39. I did not appreciate the upsidedown crosses.

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