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A young woman visits a secluded riverbank to relax in the sun. When a mosquito bites her, it becomes clear that there is a secret force of nature at work. And it wants more than just a drop of blood.

Clearwater by Rob Jabbaz

The Girl: Joan Loluo @joanloluo

Writer, Director, Producer, VFX Artist & Sound Designer: Rob Jabbaz
Executive Producer: Jeffrey Huang
Director of Photography & Drone Operator: Benjamin Ehrenberg
Second Camera Operator: Danai Styliani Moschona
Audio Mix: Chris Weibe
Hair and Makeup: Avery Timber
Title Designer: Luke Norrad

Jyayo – Morning
Wolves and Horses – Procession
Iron Cthulhu Apocalypse – Woven in Black

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  1. Amazing quality on this short film, I can imagine this would be fantastic full filmed project. Like a kind of film where small towns slowly get assimilated by what ever this mysterious species is.

  2. really had me on the edge of my seat at the end. ggood one !

  3. that what happens when you go to a beautiful place and instead of listening to the sounds of nature you put on crappy music and go to sleep.

  4. Very Nice, with a little Twin Peaks vibe

  5. Подольше бы этот фильм было-бы круто жутко

  6. Excellent! Creepy, disgusting but excellent 👍

  7. Onde posso assistir o filme?

  8. Another version of the body snatchers. Well done, great CG and story

  9. The cuts of the metamorphosis process are absolutely brilliant! Each little development and that Savana-like cry are perfect. Wonderful piece of film making and storytelling in this gem.

  10. I don't like this disgusting movie

  11. Unlike most story lines, this gal got up and was trying to get the hell out of dodge at the very first sign of something off. She didn't make it but at least she has brains lol.

  12. Thats why you always slap the mosqeito!

  13. The CGI is really superb. I would dare to say it puts some full length films to shame. But shouldn't the clone have been an infant instead of a full adult of the same age of the girl? Anyway, the technical work is very well done.

  14. Dude watching this while stoned is intense. I'm wicked confused and scared but I'm liking what I'm seeing

  15. Very very well made CGI. Unfortunately, as most horror shorts, the ending was a huge let down and it ended exactly the same as thousand others. I feel like most people who make horror shorts "just" get an idea and runs with it, with no clue where to take it. And that's why we see so many bad and similar endings. It's like a joke without a punchline.

  16. I almost spew my food at the end.

  17. Not bad but the toxic copy was completely unexpected 🤣🤣🤣

  18. this has Lovecraft written all over it. right out of Eldritch horror.

    gotta give credit to the girl though. She heard that weird noise and tried to nope out right away, unlike most who would decide right then was a good time to go for a hike and some spelunking.

  19. Well, this is delightfully creepy… ! … ? … OMFG! nearly pissed myself WELL DONE!

  20. That was great… but also where was this filmed? It was beautiful 😍

  21. THE best ever advert for bug spray 😉

  22. Me so excited to watch movie turn out it was a short film. Now i regret watching this 😭😭

  23. The work of this film cut is perfect and I love it because it is captivating!
    I want a series of very good movies about this that are very mysterious 😱✨

  24. Something about the mosquito told me that it wasn't normal, and that something strange would happen. As soon as I saw the monster, I knew her fate.

  25. She's in a paradise and immediately puts on a horrible auto tune song

  26. It is…… quite creepy.

  27. Very short, but very interesting little film with excellent, but creepy special effects. Hard to see it end so soon.

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