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A young woman visits a secluded riverbank to relax in the sun. When a mosquito bites her, it becomes clear that there is a secret force of nature at work. And it wants more than just a drop of blood.

Clearwater by Rob Jabbaz

The Girl: Joan Loluo @joanloluo

Writer, Director, Producer, VFX Artist & Sound Designer: Rob Jabbaz
Executive Producer: Jeffrey Huang
Director of Photography & Drone Operator: Benjamin Ehrenberg
Second Camera Operator: Danai Styliani Moschona
Audio Mix: Chris Weibe
Hair and Makeup: Avery Timber
Title Designer: Luke Norrad

Jyayo – Morning
Wolves and Horses – Procession
Iron Cthulhu Apocalypse – Woven in Black

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  1. Amazing quality on this short film, I can imagine this would be fantastic full filmed project. Like a kind of film where small towns slowly get assimilated by what ever this mysterious species is.

  2. This is super creepy NICE.. from blood transfusion to genetic science, into chromosomes stuff, into creation of new species, into a humanoid figure …. maaaan … you're awesome … I like it very much.. oh.. not to mention the excellence of the videography and macro effect that rhymed with the whole film. Awesome project. I really liked it a lot. Thank you.

  3. I liked that she wasnt airbrushed I seen scars on her knees and birthmark on her hip makes it that much more realistic hollywood movies act like we cant handle imperfections I loved this short film I just recently started watching vids on dust so far I have seen about 7 vids so far and i am very impressed hell of alot better than most big production companies

  4. Firs of all, WOW. Second, this has to be made into a feature film!

  5. That humanoid species is smiling, I would say that's friendly, only the music is scary.

  6. 1 of my fav youtube #'s of all time.
    maybe I can make a movie someday LOL

  7. any way guys , How I can watch this move free and in my phone :(((

  8. Women trying to leave
    Creature with a creepy smile– Nice to meet you Mom

  9. Comentario en español que buscabas xd

  10. Quiero el nombre de la pelicula

  11. At least the chick in the bikini wasn't just clickbait.

  12. Mature red blood cells do not have a cell nucleus and some organella, including mitochondria, so they don't contain DNA. 😉 But of course white blood cells do have it.

  13. terrific. really liked the fx

  14. I like
    Share some messegd

  15. just a deleted scene from Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

  16. Next please…what happened with her ?? 😢😢

  17. Eew. Gross. Cool effects. Well done.

  18. Part 2 possiblity … I mean I'd love to see more

  19. fuk That was scary as hell …

  20. 1000 level iq of mosquito

  21. All because she listened to such horrible music

  22. I can't see full movie. Why?!

  23. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaang, ya got me! I was so taken in by the amazing graphics that I wasn't anticipating a story line. Good job!

  24. That was particularly terrifying!

  25. Как этот фильм называется?


  27. Finally a smart person in a movie! Hears creepy noise in the woods and DIIIIPS.

  28. Gal missed an opp to sunbathe topless.

  29. Nice take on the "Body Snatcher" theme. It has the look and feel of an intro to a full throttle big screen movie. Love the visuals. I wonder where it was shot? Looks somewhat like a river valley in southern France (Cévennes).

  30. See, you know this is fiction because there is a beautiful place on the river without a bunch of drunken slobs yelling "WOOOO!"

  31. These artsy fartsy short films with pretentious hidden messages are starting to get on my nerves.

  32. So is that the way human was created?

  33. Girl one, I'd take to pound town. Girl two, I wouldn't even want to take to town.

  34. Fascinating. And the jump scare was a good one!

  35. That was quite awesome!!

  36. Dust, You HAVE to stop this small, fast credits crap. Credits MUST be FULL screen and normal slow speed. This is entirely disrespectful to the people who produced the film. Knock it off!

    The film was very interesting, a new take on it. Well done.

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