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Captain Mira Bernhard is finally home after a lengthy mission to the new planet, GAIA – humanity’s last hope. But what’s only been a 5-year trip for her, has been 45-year wait for her husband.

“ARK” by Soma Helmi

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“ARK” Credits:
Director/Writer – Soma Helmi
Producer – Nelson Cruz
UPM/1st AD – Herman Phillips
Editor – Gillian Hutshing
Music Composer- Aaron Gihuist
DP/Cam Op – Kayla Hoff
Steadicam Op – Daniel Wurschl
1st AC – Alyssa Renzi
1st AC – Maggie Astle
Still Photographer – Jessica Perez
Chief Lighting Technician – Nick Durr
Additional G&E – Rebekah Lloyd
Key Grip- Dave Wilwayco
Key Grip – Noah Kelly
Grip – Emma Juncosa
Sound Mixer/Boom Op – Stephanie Roberts
Production Designer – Melissa Lahti
Set Dresser/Props – Gabriel Paxton
Head Hair/Makeup – Kelly Anno
Costume Designer – Conee Pratt
Set Costumer – Liz Larson
Production Assistant – Michaela McLeod
Production Assistant – KC Schomas
Production Assistant – Caroline Mobley
Production Assistant – Jon Hook
Sound Editor – Wes Jones
Colorist – Dylan Hageman
VFX Supervisor – Peter Crosman
VFX Artist – Casey Balbontin

Peter Bernhard – Patrick Gorman
Cpt Mira Bernhard – Sheila Cutchlow
Young Peter – Jeff Odachowski
Lt. Buttercrust – Isaac Lubow
Radio Announcer – Nelson Cruz
Mira Stand-in – April Coffee

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  1. Thank you all for watching our short film. This was a labor of love by all the amazing cast and crew, including the incredible post production team who brought it together. Thank you, DUST, for sharing ARK with the world!

  2. I'd swear that was Christopher Plumber lol.

  3. Almost had me in tears untill she disrepected his wishes of staying at home? His reation when he wakes up on another planet? well that certainly would be worth a series if not a film.

  4. So human. Beautiful. Great job all.

  5. Good stuff. I wonder if she stays out of cryo for the trip to catch up to his age.

  6. Wow to short, but sweet 10/10 wow good one

  7. I served overseas many years, some in combat areas. Unbelievable sacrifice. I came home to be with my family. When my wife left with someone else… it was like all of my self-sacrifice was worth nothing. Years later I still feel that pain from time to time. But here in this video is a woman that was not going to leave him behind no matter what. Both made initial agreement and sacrifice. She was going to make sure he held up his end of the agreement. Now that's a sweet woman ❤

  8. As a writer, woman with a partner of 40 years I can say one of us is the star 🌟 gazer the other a land lubber. I would do exactly what Mila did.

  9. I kept thinking, oh no you don't, next scene I want him waking up on the ship, pissed as hell but still alive! Don't you dare take his word for …. and she didn't. Then she did the smart thing! Great film!!

  10. Very good and it ended way too soon!!!

  11. Filming Nobody has aged that guys face, probably the bus fight scene.

  12. Fantastic! Although,I did predict d🤪 where oh where do y'all find these Freaking Excellent actors!?!?. I didn't see any space ships or stars or lasers or riots n d streets from ppl fight over water and food! Yet both actors had me feeling d Whole situation! At at d end when she snaps back into Captain mode! I literally sat up n my bed with concern! Those few seconds showed everyone that she is a Captain Not to be underestimated!!!!!

  13. Perhaps I worked for NASA too long, but they would never take a 79 year old to start a new colony in another solar system. Maybe a 7 or a 9 year old…otherwise, fantastic!

  14. Someone's going to be pissed when he wakes up!😲

  15. Covid safe post displayed ??????
    You just lost me.
    Please explain ?
    You have one chance.
    The jabb is same as the death shot to cull 6 billion right now.
    The communist one world government and reset agendas.
    So you're all complicit as well ?
    The Nuremberg trials will be searching for all involved.

  16. Sometimes “please” isn’t enough. Thanks God we have tranquilizers 😏

  17. Ah yes, when "true love" means ignoring your lover's wishes, and pushing your own wants on them. Imagine the outrage if their roles where reversed, and he drugged and kidnapped her, because that's what he wanted. I hate the world we live in today, with its double standards, and complete lack of morality. Beam me up Snotty, no intelligent life down here anymore.

  18. Is there a word for that? Husband abduction? Husband-napping?

  19. Are any of these shorts ever picked up for a feature length movie? Some of these are very deserving…. I loved this little movie, plenty of potential in this story.

  20. Cryo is ok provided you're young when you come out. I know; I was young when I came back from the Andromeda galaxy on leave.

  21. Great twist, great job, very impressed.

  22. As if the time dilation effect was not pre-knowable —–

  23. How does she think this will end? I predict it will end in tears and one hell of a marriage counselling session.

  24. What's right for some is not always right for some one else. Some times we must choose our own path. And some times it leaves any empty place in our hearts.

  25. I found this unrealistic.
    And it's weird to say that when you're used to watching DUST.
    But I mean… character-wise, I just don't buy it.

  26. He isn't going to be happy with her when the wakes up.

  27. touching but lame …. time dilation doesn't exist

  28. Dudes, imagine if this was a pilot episode of a new series. I would watch the shit outta it. It could be about the husband coming to terms with life on a new plant and he and his wife reconnecting, and just stuff like that.

  29. Beautifully done film. At last, characters I can really care about. People with a history, people who speak to each other like adults. This could be developed into a great feature-length film. Bravo.

  30. Well made but I don’t approve of the end. He’s spent a lifetime on Earth. It is his choice wether to die on that world or not. And you think that she will thank him for ignoring his wishes? Do you think it’s going to stop at just that? What else is she going to run roughshod over in their relationship because ‘it’s for his own good’?

  31. This was excellent good acting no special effects future depiction

  32. So the question remains: did she do the right thing or not.

  33. Can someone win an Academy Award acting in these films?

  34. The worst thing is she planned to kidnap him before meeting him, because she had the syringe with her.
    She didn't try very hard to convince him, or to understand his decision, the needle is easier.

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