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Kaya Torres is circling a black hole in a pod, with no one coming, no one to help. She’s Alone.

ALONE by William Hellmuth

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  1. Hey all! Director William Hellmuth here. I love reading all your comments and thoughts about the film! Feel free to respond to this comment with any questions you have for me. I'd love to talk shop!

  2. After 2nd viewing – it is a plot different from most sci fi these days, namely cops and robbers or monsters. That is why I like it. It shows imagination.

  3. He was not forgotten, and she won't die alone.

  4. This is so sad! 🙁
    I wish there were a happy ending for both of them.

  5. It's so simple yet this film hit all of the emotions. Just beautiful.

  6. an absolute masterpiece

  7. Very interesting concept! Black hole actually a worm hole, and successful transit to an alternate universe. Loved it! Just wish they could have met up in the end.

  8. Outstanding film and story. Definitely tugs at one's emotions. Hats off to all that made this film possible. Will be looking for more.

  9. Had a feeling it was gonna happen, still devastated that it happened

  10. This is the best of this channel’s series I’ve seen. Deeply moving and persuasive.

  11. I watch Dust a lot and can say this is the best short so far.

  12. yet another great story. William, this is really really good. here's hoping you make more.

  13. one of the best films I've seen in this channel so far!!

  14. Dang! This was good…I must admit that I was hoping for a romantic ending…

  15. Reminded me of the film "Gravity". The protagonist is the splitting image of Sandra Bullock. Great short film.

  16. This was very well done, except for one large plot hole: it was stated that there was a huge time differential and yet the voices didn't show this at all.

  17. This is the first one that grabbed every part of me and made me feel like I was there with her.
    I’m not sure how you spell Kiya,
    but there’s no way I would have blasted through a black hole, a worm hole or any other kind of hole!! So now, not only is she still alone, now she’s alone in another dimension. Good luck getting rescued now girl. Crap, I want to rescue this girl and I don’t even like flying. 😵‍💫

  18. The performances, writing and direction are superb.
    The only complaint I have is that because she obviously understood the physics of the black hole she would have known that she wouldn't arrive in his time.

  19. With that voice, no one's coming to save you.

  20. I thought when she walked in there she was gonna find his skeleton, with his e-journal clutched against the ribcage. But this more subtle way of closure worked too.

    Its sad to think that even if she managed to get off that planet and back to her universe that everyone she ever knew would be long dead due to time dialation effects.

  21. Very well done, 1 of the best, id ad her getting a signal at the end from a new person stuck by the black hole

  22. It leaves you hoping for a sequel where she makes one ship work to escape that place.

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