Sci-Fi Short Film About Metaverse “REFILL” | Xero Shorts

►distributed by Xero Shorts
Written, directed and edited by: Luis Villatoro

Director of Photography: Enrique Martínez Guerrero

Produced by: Andrés Handal, Luis Felipe Hernández

José Corrales, Daniela González

Music Composer: David De la Garza

Post Production Sound, Sound Design & Mix: Aldo Candia, Erick Pérez

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  1. Thanks a lot Mark Zuckerberg – we all know now that you are a reptilian cyborg.

  2. Its about weak-minded millennial who don't understand the dangers of concentrated grape koolaid syrup…sheesh…

  3. Surrendering our power to robots. Loss of organic reality.

  4. ah man… wheres the metaverse at??

  5. I have babysat plenty of mentally retarded kids and non-plenty of mentally retarded adults. I understand it’s a great spectrum.

  6. I think it’s great that you have a secret life. I have a secret life too because I know some very intelligent Germans. However I think 60 is just fine because it was my experience. Anything less is insufficient. And the truth will heal only the truth will set us free and only the truth brings free energy. We know this. So let us not worry because the Brady program works.

  7. I don’t get it🤪🤪🤪

  8. Please don't say it was better than Hollywood..
    Anyways, i enjoyed it

  9. Wow I am hooked on these 'shorts'. So bloody powerful and so well acted, shot, directed and written. I'm sub'd for good now, thank you👍🏻

  10. Too little content. Where did they start? Is it machine controlling humans? Is it a drug of some kind…still have to eat. Or is it a way to know…universal questions and held back. No payment for the..drug? Why in the middle of nowhere? Why are they alone? Both, especially the female looking very healthy. Maybe if they looked close to dieing and lay down and the plants start feeding on them. Too many questions about why ,where and wtf for. For me . The filming was very well done mixing real with animation.

  11. Great reason to consider distribution and reasponsibility – from eggs in the supermarked to weapons fuelling war. Cudos!

  12. WTAbsoluteF??? 👎👎👎

  13. BILL GATES view of the future .

  14. That type of future is being nurtured,validated and reinforced by AI/VR coding that is being inserted in our lifestyles everyday. This ensures willing,unresistant slaves to the controllers of that technology, The future drug czars.

  15. Ce serait un épisode de Black Miror hormis le format….surréaliste et " presque " esthétique.

  16. like? Yes Abo? Yes vote for second part? hold my beer 🙂

  17. Bello però iniziare con la scritta "ignorante" non é il massimo ahaha

  18. I think this is the nourishment people get in future because eating animals and plants is not more allowed, because people consider them as living beings with feelings.

  19. My understand is that in future eating animals and plants is not more allowed because they are considered as living beings and this is the nourishment people get in future.

  20. All drugs are "take now, pay later", including the internet.
    Just a thought.

  21. Guy is dependent on a machine giving him something necessary for his survival. He is slave. Machine denies him sustainance. Sounds like our Govt. paying people to stay home & pretend an epidemic is real. Moneys drying up people. All fiat currencies eventually fail. The American dollar can only be inflated so much.

  22. El paisaje hermoso. El resto?, no entendi nada.

  23. Liked it a lot. Made me think of the Metaverse

  24. Metaverse addiction of the future.

  25. The addiction to social media and gaming will pale to the addiction to virtual reality.

  26. I'm so tired of these hopeless dark dystopias

  27. Please,sir, I want some more.

  28. The last 9:20 of my life would have been better spent being attacked by a swarm of murder hornets and dying of a severe allergic reaction 💔

  29. I'd like to present you with the prestigious award for the most time wasting video ever made and we've seen purple rain

  30. Shoddy composition, sorry storry telling and horribly directed. Yes we can all see its meant as a metaphor for drug addiction but that doesn't mean that it has to look like a drug addict made it.

  31. The government delivered bag also keeps them in control and helpless to do anything. Just what todays governments want so they can stay in power. Excellent film!

  32. The withdrawals look wretched from that "black goo".
    What is it with black goo these days?

  33. Создателей покусал Тарковский))

  34. Is the black stuff liberalism?

  35. Sad and brilliant at the same time!

  36. This was an outstanding film on every level. I am eagerly awaiting Episode 2.

    I counted 32 names in the credits. To all of you that made this – absolutely stunning. Keep the band together and make more.

  37. That’s 9:20 of my life I’ll never get back.

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