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3 Test Subjects, 2 Bullets, 1 Solution.

“2 Bullet Solution” by Matt Mullins and Chris Naylor

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“2 Bullet Solution” Credits:
Stretch – Caitlin Hutson
Beard – Andrew DiBartolomeo
Edge – Kosey Baskin
Voice – Christina Rose
Handler – Matt Baxter

Director – Matt Mullins
Written – Chris Naylor
DP/A Cam – Kyle Potter
B Cam – Craig Henningsen
Edit – Matt Mullins & Kyle Potter
Make-up – Nikki Powell
Sound- Cory Zembower
Mix – Kyle Potter
Choreography – Matt Mullins

Additional Crew
Donald Mills
Mackensi Emory
Cina McKenna
Donna Lee
Ross Kohnstam
Andrew Franklin
Justin Chang
Craig Henningsen
Jacob Ellis

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  1. So glad to be a part of the DUST community. Matt and I have been writing and shooting shorts together for about ten years. 2 Bullet Solution was a concept based off of a fight idea that Matt wanted to shoot, prompting us to add a little story about what the future holds when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. Before we knew it, we started writing the feature that we hope to one day make. We hope you enjoy!

  2. The moral of the story: always count your bullets, and never leave an enemy untapped.
    An interesting story about AI, and how good, or bad, they might be in combat, or other fluid situations where problem solving is needed.

  3. That was inventive and fun to watch. Keep them coming!!

  4. Scenario is maybe good,but fighting scene on the begining…oooh!
    That's shit.

  5. and so the courier cheated death once more

  6. How ironic that this video, in its simplistic form, could explain what the leftist MSM is creating in this country. Divide the population via a boogeyman, then use their media influence to destroy their boogeyman and all of his followers.

  7. Didn't realize Caitlin Hutson has done so much stunt work.

  8. If you're going to do it you might as well do it right. Very well done.

  9. It was really cool fight scene and great ending. But too short. Thanks.

  10. if I see one more man wearing his hair like my Grandma… I'm going to Puke! How did this ever start . and why?

  11. Nice fighting. It’s a nice surprise when they have a female fight well instead of the ridiculous overpowered Hollywood kicky flippies

  12. Fantasticly modern choreography and fight scripting. More interested in the plot possibilities but that's just me.
    I'd love it if someone could figure out how to have a truely charasmatic and brilliant leadership personality type figure out how to get everyone out rather than just following the rules… like combining the powder and caps from both bullets into a single bomb inside the chamber to blow power to the electromagnet on the door.

  13. That's a nice fight sequence and a good final! We want more! 🙂

  14. My only criticism is the slim woman beating two men. Otherwise, interesting concept.


  16. Thanks for sharing ya'lls take on this concept.

    One thing to note: If you're going to focus your entire short on the mechanics of how guns work, then you should do just that. There are continuity issues. For example, at 1:20 black shirt had his slide racked and locked back and round in mag and not chamber. In the next frame, plaid shirt guy magically racks his slide back, ejecting the round. This didn't quite make sense.

  17. Absolute BADASS! You got this right!

  18. Dumb. Was this written by a high schooler? Such a lazy plot, basically the same as many B horror movies. Interesting could have been if one or two characters concluded they'd volunteer to die to save the others. Or if all three died by refusing to play.

    A good plots at a minimum explore decisions that actual humans with souls actually make when faced with life and death. Not the silly fallacies of a third-rate writer who has never given it any thought.

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