Sci-Fi Movies 2020 – Best Free Science Fiction Sci-Fi Movies Full Length English No Ads

Sci-Fi Movies 2020 – Best Free Science Fiction Sci-Fi Movies Full Length English No Ads


  1. It must have cost a $100 plus a few bags of kangaroo meat and a wee bit of dope out on a western station in the outback to make this movie the locals must have been bored with Netflix and thought fuck it guys lets get some tinnys and some lsd make our own movie ha ha oooh whats the fucks happening bill i wasn't the only one WEE ALL DROPPED ACID and the scorpions ate some fuck there big now and i dont think iam still tripping

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  3. 🌟🌟Two Stars. One star for the effort it took to make this movie, and the second star is because I liked the song that was playing when the credits started rolling. Other than that there's not much to say other than it ends like the standard British movie: unfulfilling and incomplete.

  4. After reading a few comments, I decided its time to have a coffee break.

  5. Space zombies I'm staying

  6. Even the scenes that are meant to be violent are slow.. but I still watched to the end. That was my good deed for the day??

  7. One of the strangest movies I've ever seen!

  8. To those who couldn't hear the sound, put on headphones. It really helps when you have audio trouble..

  9. Pretty good movie, but there was a problem with the sound!

  10. looks like Youtube added an ad or two as well as the sound problem. and as the sound had to be put up at full blast just to be able to heard, when the Ad kicked in ad blew my eardrums… Probably woke up my neighbour too as it was 4AM when I was watching.

  11. yep, watched the whole thing despite the comments lol
    -Alien crash lands
    -spores are accidently released
    -alien was doing containment and spore infected clean up
    -maybe it liked staying down under lol
    …or left as quietly as it came
    The End

  12. Very Low Resolution. 240. Worse than a TV.

  13. Dang. I've already seen this movie. And had liked it. Worth the watch

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