Sci Fi Movie 2020 English Full Length Adventure Film

Sci Fi Movie 2020 English Full Length Adventure Film
Sci Fi Movie 2020 English Full Length Adventure Film
Sci Fi Movie 2020 English Full Length Adventure Film
Sci Fi Movie 2020 English Full Length Adventure Film


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  1. If Jesus / Christianity hadn't existed, the chances of Islam ever having formed, let alone risen as a major religion are ridiculously small. But then, Believers believe God works in mysterious ways, because they're brainwashed nuts… Why are almost all USian sci-fi films religious (metaphors).. Sci-woo, more like.. If not, they're Libby PC moralising space operas like Star Trek…

    After watching this, I can say it's one of the worst USian Christain propaganda films I've ever watched.. Comedy without any laughs. Comical… Thanks Jesus, for plunging the world into zealous, moronic, deluded, mental-dom for 2000 years. Monotheism is the worst social virus of all time. I include Commy Dictatorships as monotheism as The State & Dear Leader are an exact analogy to The Church and God.

  2. Wayyyy too much God crap in this movie so I'ma pass

  3. Wow the dead speak in the young man's head. DONT WATCH THIS SIN

  4. Wow Mary was not to touch Him cause He has not yet risen to the Father yet Aimee was allowed. The enemies of GOD made this movie and others , together with the false teachers.

  5. This movie is a outright sin. Yeshua not knowing what is going on really. Oh Father please forgive them for making this mess.If they are trying to show Jesus's forgiveness so ironical because why show forgiveness if this Jesus is not God.

  6. what is the name of this movie

  7. Ok main stream Hollywood it ain't .but it ain't bad I enjoyed it.want to spend a late night watching a good flick. It's going to twist and turn again and again fasten your seat belt and hold on.

  8. Thank you for posting a fantastic movie just relax, sit back and enjoy it, don't try to judge and reason just enjoy .. I love a happy ending. Happy holidays everyone.

  9. good idea for the next copy of this movie

  10. What kind of God are you? Ask Job ….

  11. I basically like this, but the tomato is almost a deal breaker.

  12. Really cheesy, some poor acting and shocking dialogue. Like a B movie.
    Dont watch ( if you're looking at reviews ) 👎

  13. this is insane movie haha btw the brighter side talks about the time machine haha you better pic a good senaryo in history like Atlantis or Sahara desserts haha 😂 funny

  14. Stuck this rubish for 10 min till it finally dawned on me this was some turd religious propaganda. NO WAY.

  15. about a 1/3 of the way through and liking this Movie

  16. A Muslim would NEVER kill the Messiah. Jesus is the same Messiah in both religions.. so there is that! AND IN Matthew, Mark, and Luke in all Jesus teachings he always says he is not God, he cannot do anything without the Father! When he dies he says "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do!" Now, Jesus is not talking to himself in heaven. He is speaking to his Father, our Father. Wake up people we are running out of time!!!

  17. The multicult group of scientists…..but of course!..LOL!

  18. Head of security? I guess as long as the bad guys aren’t driving a huge truck!

  19. Oh… this is one of these movies for the God-botherers…. I never thought these things were real… but here is one ! It is amazing that in the year 2020, we still cater to people that think snakes talk, imaginary friends are real, and goat herds 2000 years ago, knew the secrets of the universe….
    Utterly ridiculous and sad at the same time…
    For shame


  20. Religious zealots take life with ridiculous belief and trust in their religion. All religions take lives willingly, in the name of God but it isn’t God is it! It’s man imposing his own will and wants upon any to disagree. I believe it is a Psychosis of Omnipotence causality to take life for any reason.

  21. Time travel movie. Pretty well done. I liked it.

  22. i am muslim., u know what i fell..?

  23. Outrageous, the bloke takes his eyes off the road and drives like an idiot and then blames 'God' – grow up and take some responsibility for your own shortcomings fella!

  24. a good twister, this one~~~just give it a chance~~~if i can, so can you

  25. 42:00 Even in a film they get the whole bible thing totally wrong. .

  26. Amazing movies, i've learned one thing… ( FORGIVENESS )

  27. Not just total garbage but religious and racist garbage too…

  28. Wasn't sure about this one but turned out to be a great movie.

  29. search google >> newfullmovie cc

  30. That was the best movie I have seen in a long time!

  31. Nice movie but the story line about muslims it's not correct.. we don't hate jesus because he is one of the prophets for us… And sorry to say that this movie is racist

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