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This video features true scary horror stories sure to scare you. The scary stories that feature on this channel mostly come from Reddit.

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Thanks for watching!


  1. Great narration and I love your voice!!! I enjoy the stories!!! Take care and be safe!!! God bless you!!!

  2. Not particularly scared of clowns, but that story freaked me out

  3. Currently I'm working at a complex cleaning offices after hours during the night. Creepy settings, and this is perfect for listening. 👍👍👍

  4. I listen to these on the toilet

  5. uhh just to let y’all know from someone who lives in the teton area- i’m beat country you’re supposed to make as much noise as possible so you don’t sneak up on bears and it draws them away from you.

  6. As a crime junkie I feel attacked

  7. This "HOUSE" story took the scary cake! It's just really cruel 😶

  8. Perfect timing. It's just so perfect. Exactly what I needed. Good Lord it helps me relax. Mommy needs wine and Be Busta. So perfect. Omg don't stop. Keep goingggg. AHHH. Thank you sosososososo much 🖤💜💙💞😙😪💟💥💟💣💥💚💜💤💤💤💤💝💟💖💙💗💙💖💖💟💕💜💛❣💞💕💗💙

  9. Thanks Be. It's a nice, cold evening and something I can count on is your excellent narration.

  10. We can't stop here, this is the bear country!

  11. His 4 dogs were protecting her.

  12. Animals can usually sense the presence of evil.

  13. Evil comes to those who do evil

  14. Please, pray for everyone.

  15. I listen to your stories woth headphones while I'm working all the time 🙂 They keep me working hard and focused on whatever I'm doing, your voice and tone and speed of how u speak are all the best components that make me wait for every new video! FYI: My coworker walked past me and scared me while I was listening to this 😂

  16. The one with the Mormons is odd but Mormonism is indeed a cult
    You have to give a large percentage of your income to them and if you go against their rules you get disfellowshipped in other words your entire family and friends shun you

    Also women are preferred as homemakers in the religion
    They don’t really tell you abt that on the get go though
    So just be careful which what groups you choose to join guys

  17. I hate clowns as well. There creepy as hell.

  18. Story #1 See people it only takes a few seconds to loose a child to a kidnapper. They are ALWAYS ready for any opportunity to snatch someone. We all have to be more hypervigilant than them.

  19. I tell people I sleep to these kinds of videos. Then they go wow that's weird. I love this stuff and the best is be Busta.

  20. I've been to a few houses that had those heavy feelings. The closer I got the more depressed I would get. House's can be evil and something made them that way.

  21. I love these true horror stories. Especially when they are short and to the point. This channel and Mr Nightmare are great.

    LetsRead is too long in not listening an hour and half for 1 story

  22. Just found out about ninja sex party and I could not thank you enough.

  23. This stuff will give you nightmares kids!

  24. I love these videos there amazing. Thx be busta

  25. Thank you Be. Busta

    Love it.

  26. By far my favorite YouTuber I remember watching your videos when I was 16 I just turned 22 and your still uploading I wish you’d get the subs you deserve you work hard enough

  27. Love your videos man! Keep up the amazing content 🙂

  28. Thank you for uploading, Be! For some reason, the narrator side of YouTube has been quiet lately. Looking forward to your future uploads! 😊👍

  29. the people who disliked thought they were supposed to do that cause they dislike the scarythings

  30. Wait the camp story did they run into bears, a man and bigfoot at one point?

  31. Ive not listened to you in about a month, so im sorry Be I'll try keep up!! lmao

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