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Ruth Rendell’s Thirteen Steps Down – Mix Cellini is obsessed. And not just with the supermodel he’s been chasing. He’s also endlessly fascinated by the life of Reggie Christie, the infamous serial killer hanged fifty years ago.

Stars: Luke Treadaway, Geraldine James, Elarica Johnson

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  1. Wow! What a thriller! Kept me on the edge of my seat. Wonderful actors and acting.

  2. Very cleverly done to have two parallel stories of unrequited love but I found it difficult to sympathise with the Mix character because he was a selfish yob. True-life psychos have enough charm to lure their victims or they have the cover of a compliant or unsuspecting wife – for example the Yorkshire Ripper was married and Fred West had a wife to reassure girls that they were safe. Mix was too obviously a bad'un, which is odd for Ruth Rendell who is normally much more subtle.

  3. This was a compelling masterpiece of sorts. I have returned three times to watch, to be sure the lifelike character was still in-the-screen- , and not woven here with me….freaky real…

  4. Not very credible 1st conversation

  5. Brilliant flick,great actors was totally enthralled after 10 minutes I knew the movie was going to be a ripper!

  6. Long live british movies upload more u.k movies love u.k movies

  7. Somehow I expected the model's one-time neighbor boyfriend to get stabbed and killed!
    Ah well! She dumped his butt anyway!

  8. I don’t get it. This movie was so confusing. I’m completely lost on what happened

  9. no wonder people succumbed so totally to the fear-mongering MSM of late.. they'd spent DECADES watching guff like this…admittedly well made guff!

  10. Liked her few stories I have read and listened audios, hope this is as exciting as mentioned!

  11. Luke Treadaway did a fantastic job, I was convinced he was koo koo nuts

  12. Great movie. Except for the model, who was totally expressionless & acted so stupid near the end when she could have got away

  13. Not good not interesting , unnecessary sex scene in American movie , dirty people are not working in film without sex scene .

  14. Every actor did justice to their assigned roles !

  15. I must not be in the right mood. This is a very unpleasant movie to me. And I truly love Ruth Rendell. Sigh. Glad everyone else thoroughly enjoyed it.

  16. dude, what a psycho! wow.

  17. The most stupid killer ever thak God
    😅 but a good movie must say

  18. Wow, this was intense. 👏👏Thank you for sharing. 😊

  19. 13:00 I guess your parents are bakers, because they made you such a cutie pie!

  20. Awesome movie. A filmpearl which is rare. The role of the mind sick psychophatic/soziophatic/schizophrenic young man was an excellent brillant actor

  21. I thought this was going to be one of those discount YT movies . But it was really good. That was one really creepy dude.

  22. V well-dun….despite some sticky plot points.

  23. That one was really creepy. Thank you for uploading 🙂

  24. Brilliant film. Lots of suspense and tension. A real must watch.

  25. Brilliant! Thanks so much for the upload. Best thing I've managed to find on Youtube for ages.

  26. He wasn't a massive murderer. Stalin was a massive murderer. Millions. Character here was a serial killer. Illiterate writresse.

  27. So… no stalking laws exist in the UK?? I know it's based on a book, but the idea that she could do nothing about his harassment is one that I hope is currently untrue.

  28. I think she modelled herself on Ann Widdecombe for this one.

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