Runaway Romance (Full Movie) Drama, Romance

A reality TV star leaves Hollywood and finds herself in Amish country where she must decide between staying in her newfound reality or returning to her old one.

Directed by: Brian Herzlinger
Starring Danielle C. Ryan, Trevor Donovan, Galadriel Stineman

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  1. 1:13:15
    I found an Easter egg 🥚
    License plate is gone from Ann’s car in this scene.
    When she is returning with Hunter, it is clearly visible with a California license plate.

  2. Loving the movie but her cape is on backwards lol

  3. Cute story. I liked the movie 🎥 a lot. I like all the characters in the movie 🎥. 😎😎😎

  4. We don't have Amish though. We have minnonites. They are different than amish

  5. I'm from Bowling Green. That is cool they filmed in Ky


  7. I am so glad I found this movie tonight! I had watched it a year or so ago, but love seeing it again! It's exactly what I needed, such a refreshing change from most!

  8. Let's get something straight… that is NOT what Amish people sound like. Moreover… they definitely use contractions just like anyone else. 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

  9. This movie is a perfect example of why first-timers shouldn't win Academy Awards. Tatum O'Neal was just being herself in Paper Moon– she wasn't acting. THIS shows she's a TERRIBLE actress!

  10. If parents everywhere were more like the bishop, then our children wouldn't be rubbin shoulders with the children of druggies, whoremasters, and utsslay in the schools and on the playgrounds.

  11. Been to Cave City many times…that's where Mammoth Cave is.

  12. They make the cutest couple they should date off camera, I noticed they did another show as Amish ,I wonder if either one use to be Amish, I'm not Amish but understand why they want away from the crazy world, I use to live on a farm…. No close neighbors just mountains and it was a great living, peaceful, wholesome

  13. It was a delightful Movie. Amish people are incredible!! Please have sequel #2. Sarah & Ann's friendship is truly amazing. Plus it's true, we need to be who we really are. Otherwise how could two young ladies become such incredible friends. Ann & Sarah have deep feelings for other people that are truly more Country than a totally up to date with all the electrical technical fancy City Life as Robots. Instead it showed what real feelings & romance, how two women fight for each other's friendship that keeps moving forward & growing to truly be a friendship out of their hearts. Thank you for a wonderful romantic story line.

  14. My husband and his people want to destroyed and kill me.I need help from such a devilish predators

  15. Ann is a really nice girl in love but her boyfriend is straight up dick if I was her boyfriend I would take her all around the world and talk about us but yeah if your reading this ann stay strong we gonna be together soon I promise

  16. how bout sarah's lovestory? ☹️☹️☹️

  17. I remember when Tatum was a little girl. Can't cope.

  18. Beautiful friendship. And Hunter, WOW. Cute.

  19. What a cute movie. Trully enjoyed it.

  20. Sara said "sometimes I surf the internet". but in the beginning, Jimmy said there would be no internet . . .hmm . . .

  21. Hallmark movies: Forget about it
    Romantic PopcornFlix: That’s better!

  22. this is the cringiesy worst movie oml

  23. Some parts filmed in Glasgow, KY… I lived there for a time, nice place!

  24. Is the setting Pennslyvania or Kentucky? My brother use to live outside of Ephrata Pa. The Amish were all arouund there.

  25. Is she the same gal that was in the movie Love Finds You In Charm?

  26. when your names anne😳 but then you remember it’s spelled differently and your a single Pringle for life 😀👍🏼

  27. Thank you for sharing lovely movies ❤👬🌈

  28. Being photogenic is a very temporary 'skill'.

  29. How did he know there was a bag on the other side of her car? No visible from where he was standing.

  30. Kentucky is such a beautiful state. If you like exploring caves that's the place to do it. Lost River cave offers a boat tour.

  31. Amish country; Location is beautiful…just lovely 🎥💋

  32. I like the movie thanks again

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