Ripped (Full Movie) Russell Peters, Comedy, 2017

Ripped full movie starring Russell Peters and Faizon Love. Two stoners from 1986 are launched into the year 2016 and have to learn how to adapt to present-day living.

Director: Brad Epstein
Writers: Billiam Coronel, Brad Epstein
Stars: Faizon Love, Russell Peters, Alex Meneses

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  1. I'm 36 minutes into this film and I've not laughed once.

  2. Hmm i am dumb but i didn't understand why they timed-passed for 30 years just by smoking a weed grown from "Area 51".😅

  3. love your film..part you get old..and then re-encarnated and jesus smokes weed and then sends you back into the past befor him and learn about weed with like moses..

  4. This was such an underrated movie. Too good for its time

  5. True love is from a man who smokes w33d

  6. If i had beef with anyone i'm willing to end it but it's no way im about to sign to you. There will be no trust ill forgive but i won't forget. This just let you know niggas will sell their soul just for money and fame. I'm over rap bring back r&b these rappers are confuse and not solid like that. FREE BRAZY

  7. … they've been asleep since they were 15… How could they afford all that weed?

  8. Grateful this is on here. Just what I needed. Love to all

  9. Love how cancer pops up in the presentation and instead of talking about the medicinal benefits they just talk about how cancer sufferers deserve to get high

  10. I think the neighbors heard me i laughed so hard. 🤣🤣

  11. NOT FUNNY……………. unless maybe you're a stoner or 11 yrs old

  12. I’m impressed with how the van ran after 30 years 😂😂 they don’t make em like they used to

  13. This is a pretty good movie .enjoyed to the last min . then watched it again .

  14. Needs to be a jame dio movie pg 13 he never had kids the tittle would be named last in line


  16. The start was wack. But it redeems itself after the time change

  17. Boring… how much in millions did this lose???

  18. I was watching this and then the skatepark scene came up, that's house Park from Austin tx. HPLOC

  19. Do we find out why they woke up 39 years later? I mean what is supposed to have happened

  20. 1:36 Is that not a second bike my man?

  21. 😛👉I wish i was ripped right about now.🥴

  22. Ive watched so many weed movies but this had me from start to finish

  23. Is that Corey from Disney or Nickelodeon?? Looool wtf…

  24. Imagine movie scene of footie or soccer players' uniforms, socks, and shoes are all lawn green colour to blend with the grass on the field to gain tactical advantage.

  25. This movie reminds me of Cheet and choong ( the comedians spell check) 🤣😅😂 Up in smoke 🚬

  26. This film is cracking me up it's so funny 😄

  27. watched it in 2022 and wow its a great movie

  28. This movie made my whole damn day man 🤣🤣 ewas funny as helll 🤣

  29. Could have been a good movie had all the right ideas but they overdid the stupid and how people just took their situation and behaviour in thier stride…..quite a dissapointment

  30. "What was the one thing I said to you guys?.. I don't know you said a lot of things. That was legitimately hilarious. A lot of good ones in this.

  31. Best way to watch this movie is with 7 blunts


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  33. Not my high ass looking for the next episode button 🤣🤣🤣 smh where tf is part two did they go back in time??? Went farther????

  34. Classic.🏞 Naturally mythic. 🦚

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