Rihanna – Take A Bow

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Music video by Rihanna performing Take A Bow. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 66,288,884. (C) 2008 The Island Def Jam Music Group.

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  1. This song seriously has no business being this good after all these years 🔥❤

  2. Eu daqui há alguns anos 😅👀

  3. Muitas lembranças boas com essas músicas

  4. Always so beautiful and now a billionaire. I envy you

  5. 我是林孟億在世界永久性大量宣傳布施海濤法師就富可敵國了切記!或地清法師!因一輩子戒律關係也讚嘆耶穌大愛阿門!

  6. Stay out of trouble. If you can’t stay out of trouble, don’t get caught …

  7. Simplesmente a melhor cantora internacional, para mim 😍😍

  8. ..This skeched artist organised with her friends terracts: Trade Center Pentagon 2011, Tsunami 2004, MS Estonia 1994, terracts in metro Moscow 2010. They did it for stealing digital copies of royals bodies and digital copy of my body for financing their own terrorists group. Never publish these artists or you will be considered as sponsor of  terrorism.

  9. Her style is so effortless in this video and so ahead of it’s time. Everything she wore can be worn today, it’s so current

  10. thats my anthem love you rhianna karyn here from Uganda living in boston🇧🇪❤️🙏🙏🌹🌹👌

  11. Least none of u will ever go through my heartbreak thinking I was the good guy when in all reality I broke her I used her I cheated on her and now she is dancing in the arms of another man

  12. rihanna's old songs will always be good that's all

  13. When someone uses you feel like your heart is broken but it will get better it will take time but it will heal who ever uses you tell theam to take bow it over now and tell theam they are sorry but don't mean it

  14. Ne-yo is a king of writting These lyrics

  15. Ela cantar muito ela e um diva ooo que linda gosto muito dela amei. Música ❣️❣️🌻🌻♥️♥️♥️⭐💝⭐💞💞

  16. Russia will surrender on the nineteenth of September is that right ? Thank you for all your work in this issue. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. I remember me and my niece used to sing this song like a cover 🤣😂🤷🏽‍♀️ definitely middle school teenage vibes 🔥 we used to find the karaoke and everything good times

  18. Rihanna mulher, cria vergonha na cara e lança umas músicas aí

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  20. Faço parte daquele time que sente muito a falta da Rihanna cantando, volta logo mulher

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