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Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks. New Year’s Day 2021.
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  1. How dare you not include
    "You can't eat the cage, believe me I've tried"

  2. It's just Blood of the Daleks but worse.

  3. I loved Revolution of the Daleks, people may not agree but I think it was one of the best episodes of nuwho and I had a great time watching it

  4. I'm here after kenobi sneak peak trailer used this music.

  5. so is this what happen between season 12 and 13?

  6. I didn’t really enjoy this episode to be honest it will never beat stolen earth and journeys end them episodes actually took there time this one was just rubbish. Pls no hate

  7. This episode really felt like doctor who again

  8. Surrender we are the Garlic's🧄😵

  9. Where can I watch this ?

  10. Have they fixed the timeless child mistake yet? I want to watch a mad person in a box, not another “born special”.

  11. Can’t wait to be able to see this

  12. Oi here we go once again women commandeering men's roles because they can't even write anything original and that is really sad.
    Oh and thank you so much girls for ruining the Star wars and avengers franchises. Be yourself write something original stop stealing men's roles, you cannot be respected unless you're original, like me.

  13. Who keeps hitting the reset button, cause there’s been several alien invasions against earth especially with the Daleks yet everyone forgets about them

  14. I sincerely hope that this won't be like the other garbage…

  15. What’s this background music

  16. idk bout u guys but im 21 and i grew up watching the david tennant, chris eccleston and a bit of matt smith and this new stuff just looks so trash. Like I know it's probably different staff and I sound like one of those old ppl know but the best seasons were with david tennant no doubt about it..22k liked it tho so yknow if u like it kll

  17. Does anyone know where to watch Dr who

  18. This looks so good and much better

  19. Why does this remind me of the Doctor who dimension in Lego dimensions with the dalek's flying around like that

  20. The real doctor wouldn’t have been trapped in a prison just sitting there useless (Heaven Sent) would HE

  21. yes JACK! plz don't go away <3.

  22. Lol this special alone just might get doctor who canceled 😂😂😂 the absolute worst of all Nu-Who

  23. Imagine in a trailer of Doctor Who there is only one scene where you see The Doctor.

  24. Next Doctor Picks: Tom Holland (Younger, or any other younger actor, late teens/early 20s), Tom Hiddleston, Burn Gorman (Doctor/Master), Michael Sean (7th Doctor Personality), Edris Elba (add more diversity to the Doctor), Hugh Lorrie, Ioan Gruffud (Mr. Fantastic and Forever, lets get a Welsh Doctor), Sean Pertwee (Jon Pertwee's Son, at least as a returning 3rd Doctor), Tom Ellis (Might not happen because of Lucifer), and Richard Ayoade (Moss on the IT Crowd). Or maybe an American actor to widen the range.

  25. Because of how much screen time yas Gets in this who thinks she may die or become evil

  26. Eu literalmente gritei qndo vi capitão Jack

  27. I used to really love this show… haven't watched it over 3 years cause it's crap now

  28. This looks extremely generic

  29. 0:30 let's continue to tear down male characters to make female ones. the fans will totally ignore this and come back in droves b/c Daleks!

  30. Absolutely love that the doctor is female. brillant. finally we get to see the hardships of female history.

  31. Not even the doctor can handle the quarantine…

  32. Daleks be like:


    Perfect Storm Worst Dr ever on Show at Exactly same Time as Worst Scriptwriter ever.

    Dr is supposed to fill people with Confidence they defeat the Enemy instead Jodies Dr LACKED EVERYTHING

    Broadchurch meets Dr Who or Dr Who meets Broadchurch it still never worked

    Plotless plots Dead end Storylines and Storylines about absolutely nothing throughout

    Did Jodie fail as the Dr herself or was it tha weak poor lackluster Boring Storylines she was given from day one to blame

    Nicey Nicey kiss and make up Storylines plagued her with all her enemys at war with themselves rather than been at war with the Dr

    Companions Companions Companions Companions Clearly Chris Chib never did his research on Peter Davisons Dr as Peter Davison said himself he had way too many companions in his Tardis Nyssa Adric and Tegan and Ginger guy

    Peter Davisons said during episodes all companions had to always be doing something and detracting story away from what was Happening but USELESS CHRIS CHIB decided to give Jodies Dr Companions anyway

  34. I have a ouija board and i saw the banging on my room the ghost namend zozo and pazozo

  35. Wasn't pleased with the reunion after Doctors prison break. They didn't even ask how long she was in prison.

  36. isn't this like… years old already?

  37. OMG! When I finally got to watch the episode the other day, I just felt SO happy to hear the amazing theme song! Please keep up the amazing work.

  38. What did yall think? Check out my thoughts here

  39. Goodbye and good riddance.

  40. The trailer is sooo much more better than the bloated out crap we got. Apart from ONE very good scene involving Jack and Yaz talking, the episode put me in a coma. Even Ryan's and Graham's official exit was the most half arsed I have seen in DW. Both leaving with their hands in their jacket pockets though clearly Ryan wants to be on his own and Graham still embarrassingly tries to please Ryan by attempting to be 'black and cool'. With STILL no connection (as in on screen chemistry) they both should of parted differently but I digress.

    It's a rip off of Victory of the Daleks from Season 5 and to me felt like a filler episode and a 'sort of' sequel to the Fugitive/Timeless episodes of Season 12. It was just a case of more political reach-arounds from Chris Chibnall, tickling and teasing our sci-fi interests and curiosity before giving us, the fans, a huge shafting that no doctor can fix.

    "NO MORE" indeed.

  41. Beware, spoilers about New Year Special episode..
    – EXTREMELY bad script,
    – Missed SOOO MANY important details, like if someone that hasn't watched a single episode of Doctor Who has written it.. (Destroying 2nd Tardis?!?!?! – Thinking of going back 10 months and changing the TIMELINE?!?!?!?!?!??! – and countless others, not even gonna start with Judoons being able to catch Doctor all of a sudden and some of the others like Silence / Weeping Angels etc with their abysmal intelligence levels)
    – TERRIBLE acting from Jodie once again.. ONLY time I believed her sincerity in the entirety of her episodes so far is for 10 seconds when she hugged Ryan Sinclair at the end of this episode, which was sincere "JUST" because after playing in so many episodes together he is leaving the cast. (She has literally no mimics whatsoever, even she doesn't believe it still when she says; "I am the Doctor". Only when she hugged Ryan she had an actual micro-expression on her face for the first time ever)
    Wish Tilda Swinton was the Doctor instead of her.. It would be GLORIOUS.
    – Only good thing was seeing Captain Jack Harkness. (and the way he looked was realistic.. Slowly and gradually will turn into Face of Boo over the years every time he shows up)
    And the joke at the end when she said "I have two hearts.. one is happy, one is sad". It was actually really touching.. Not Rose and David Tennant being stuck on different universes level of touching of course (on different sides of the Wall, hugging the wall while "Doomsday" soundtrack starts to play).. but even 1/1000000th of that is a plus from what Doctor Who has become…

  42. Just re-watched Victory of the Daleks.
    Victory of the Daleks was good.

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