Retina (Free Full Movie) Sci Fi, Thriller

A young woman participates in a medical study. After a series of nightmares and unusual side effects, the line between dreams and reality is blurred. She finds herself on the run from those involved, desperate to uncover the truth.

Directed by Carlos Ferrer
Starring Lindsay Goranson, Gary Swanson

Edited for YouTube ad standards

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  1. Retina is quite a brilliant film. The music is awesome. The acting is superb. The direction is impeccable and the cinematography is superlative. Well done, team. Thanks for posting this riveting production.

  2. 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿👏👏👏

  3. Good Movie for those who can hold out and follow the story. 👍 Really good after about 40 minutes. Then the beginning starts to add up.

  4. It dragged out too long

  5. Awful movie couldn't finish watching it. Ugh

  6. And do not take the c-19 "vaccine It will kill you. Watch Cheryl Tennpenny on Infowars.

  7. I think this movie was excellent i would watch a dozen more of its kind love it whn she has it all figured out n pulls the chip out of her neck ahh did she get the 2500 ?. Lol sorry

  8. 🤦🏻‍♀️The doctor said, 'stay away from alcohol'. 🙄

  9. This movie is for all those who dare to dream……… 😉

  10. Here is an hour of my life I will never get back

  11. Well, I'll say this is one cat that can never be put back in the bag.

  12. Sci-fi? Hardly. Watch Derren Brown's "The Assassin" experiment. He achieved a similar real world result with placebo pills and no chip. Excellent film though. I enjoyed it.

  13. I can't understand those 1k dislikes. If you don't like the movie, just don't watch it but don't click the dislike button. It's a perfect quality upload. If the sound or the picture were bad or unwatchable, I would hit it too but that's not the case here. You want free movies, don't hurt the uploader.

  14. One of the best movies I have watched in a long long time. Starts rolling a bit slowly, but picks up speed to a surprising ending. Well worth the watch.

  15. Ok, I'm done with medications. 😂😂

  16. Damn I thought I had a bad week!

  17. It felt a little more like MK ultra type brainwashing than a Manchuria candidate type thing. Still I believe “sleepers” are a very real thing.

  18. Omg I'm watching this and just got an invite to do a study on anxiety 4 days ago and was thinking about it 😣

  19. Great movie, I love the ending. Thank you😄

  20. What a garbage…dont waist our time

  21. Tripping movie… excellent plot..
    👍no commercials just makes it more intense 👍

  22. Heyyy👋🏾I'm a YouTube creator☺Check me out please and thank you!💟

  23. They could have told the whole story in 15 minutes. Waste of time.

  24. Por favor, actívale los subtítulos generados automáticamente. Gracias!

  25. A thrilling ride. Retina is well-written, directed, acted, shot, scored, edited and even the foley work is great. Thanks Popcornflix! A tiny bit more info during the news montage would've been ok, but allowed intended questions to loom: (SPOILER) w/out the device, will April et al still succumb to their directives & did the terror network survive?

  26. Dam that was a good movies, did not expected to be this good.

  27. Okay, I am loving the reviews. I am on it. 😊

  28. Lindsay Goranson looks pretty as a brunette!

  29. very bad and stupid movie. Don't waste your time. I thought it would get better … just keeps getting worse and worse…

  30. at 57:2057:27 an automated message comes on saying : The call you "received" requires a calling device. How could she receive a call on a payphone when she called out ?

  31. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  32. very creative and I dare say its VERY possible

  33. What a boring piece of shit ! A half hour in & NOTHING HAPPENED !

  34. I skipped through all the boring parts and that was 75% of it.

  35. Now what did the Doc tell her….refrain from alcohol while taking that medicine, but what does she do? She drinks anyway. There was a reason he told her that just like all doctors advise their patients.

  36. I am not sure if this movie is good. Or if it really sucks. It's a subject I don' care for, Control.
    could this be our Future? Maybe Virus 19 is just the start.? What? do you Think? Can you still
    do that on your Own??

  37. There is a reason more films like this aren't made – it's pure, utter drek.

  38. 🙋🏽‍♀️👉🏽💉THIS NOW TAKE EUTHANIZE HUMANS 🌏⚰🤦🏽‍♂️🆗️

  39. Not really getting for me. Ian sure they had a low budget and if that is true they did an admirable job. Just not there for me. Clicked off

  40. How many subliminal messages was I exposed to just from watching this movie?!? I'm disappointed in it….after reading the reviews, I expected better. This stuff goes on in reality except for one big difference…the media is a major player as well.

  41. Side effects of Covid 19 vaccine

  42. The covid vaccine trial. China's own recipe.

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