Reservoir Dogs Tipping/Gratuity Scene 720p HD

In this scene Mr. Pink expresses his lament yet logical reasoning for why tipping in its current state is out of hand. The viewer should bear in mind that this was 1992, so American labor laws were different, and servers were more commonly paid minimum wage then.

Tipped employees section of the 24JULY2009 revision (current as of 28AUG2010) of the Fair Labor Standards Act:

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  1. I always enjoyed the few moments of Mr. Brown as a character, the way he is presented in the movie makes me believe he is the least "hard" out of the group, he's probably the youngest and enjoys driving cars fast, since Joe knew them all seperatly before the heist, maybe he was some young fast kid he could hire for a job and trust to drive the diamonds out of there, but it went south and he has to drive mr white and mr orange without the diamonds and gets tagged on the way away from the cops.

    The moments of him laughing at the groups quips and just over all talking and making observations like a teen would, really add this layer of naivete to his character as if this is the biggest job he's been on.

    I like to think if he had lived to the Standoff he woulda been doing the same as Pink and just trying to calm them down and either struck in the gunfight or run off with the diamond same as pink to be caught with him aswell.

  2. I (USA) showed this movie to a Japanese exchange student and he was immediately convinced from this scene onward that Mr. Pink was the protagonist/hero of the movie, solely because he called out this insanely stupid American custom.

  3. When I went to America for the first time a taxi driver, who was miserable, depressing and basically rude the entire journey expected a tip off me, I was outraged and realised how much damage American tipping culture has done to its service industries. People literally perform a terrible job and be expecting tips. Mental. Come to the UK and ask a customer for a tip after poor service you’d get told to fuck off

  4. People always give me shit for never tipping waiters/waitresses. They think I'm an asshole for not doing something that many consider customary.

    Unless it became a law to start tipping, I'm not going to spend more than what I get in the receipt. If it's customary, then It's completely optional and I shouldn't get hated for it.

    More people tip than donate to charities and no one gets shit on glfor not donating like a dollar when they go to the checkup at a grocery store.

  5. A conversation about leaving an extra dollar at a coffee shop has no right being this entertaining.

  6. Both are right : tips should never be mandatory but in the other hand one should never have to rely on tips to have a decent wage, restaurants should give decent wages. For me I am happy to give a tip for someone who was nice but I hate to do it because I have to

  7. Note the joke that Eddie makes at 1:14 "I'd go over 12% for that".

    The joke being that going over 12% was a good tip. That joke is lost now that 15% is considered baseline. There's no reason for tip percentage to creep upward over time, and yet it does. Tipflation is why I don't tip.

  8. The longer I work in the restaurant industry and deal with serving staff, the more I identify with pinks reasoning. Fuk foh. If they want a decent wage they can apply themselves or look for a job that'll give it to them

  9. Mr. Orange aka Blabbermouth

  10. QT watching the scene while he's in it is awesome. His laugh at 3.28 is too good.

  11. Never mind what you normally would do

  12. I relate to this more than any verse in the bible

  13. As a former server I completely support this!

  14. It would be justified if the whole movie was made just to get this message out there in the mainstream.

  15. I hate when you order food online and it says "add tip". For what? They haven't even delivered it yet! That makes even less sense.

  16. people say they only tip if they get exceptional service, I have the opposite attitude. I only don't tip if I get exceptionally bad service. I don't expect nor do I want any fake smiles, ass kissing or constantly checking up on me while I eat my meal to make sure everything is ok. All I want is to get my meal, eat it in peace and move on with my life all while not being treated like shit. If I get that, I'm more than happy with the service and will gladly leave a tip.

  17. Saw this when I was like 10ish it really opened my eyes when it comes to tipping specially when he compares it to McDonald’s

  18. If one day I meet Steve Buscemi, my first question for him would be : "Do you tip ?"

  19. But the tips does give incentive to perform at the job better. However it basically benefits the place since they can afford to pay less as the customers then "pay" the rest if that makes sense. But it is a facade although the effort is still there

  20. I love all the little hints and Easter Eggs as to who the rat is. My favorite is here. Orange rats out Pink.

  21. He's right though. I worked one job ever where i got tips.
    It paid 50% MORE than what i got paid working on the railroad.
    Waiting is NOT a hard job. You've let a bunch of spoiled idiots convince you that it is.

  22. I find the reactions very amusing when I'm over in the States on holiday or business and I ask for the tip/gratuity to be removed from the bill.

  23. Mr pink is right, I’m not tipping anymore.

  24. Because server and wait staff positions are exempt from minimum wage requirements, the tips are designed to bring the pay up to the minimum wage amount. In fact, positions that are "tip-earning", if your tips for that day total MORE than what one would earn through minimum wage; you don't get a paycheck for that day. So, in states where $15/hr is minimum wage, if you are tipped more than $120, your tips ARE your paycheck.

  25. 1:48
    My reaction to someone whose feelings get hurt because of something stupid

  26. Mr Blue had the best line here 1:06 😂

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